Finding inspiration

Somedays require just a little more something. A little longer hug, a little more coffee. A little more just to get through the day. Yesterday was that kind of day for me. And I was looking for a little more inspiration.

Feeling drained of creativity and energy, and not having enough time to go out and create something of my own, I decided to find inspiration elsewhere. I have my go-to places, but so often I come away from those usual suspects feeling less than. Usually I find myself comparing, rather than gaining anything positive from it. So, my mission was to really just go on a hunt for some beautiful images of pretty things, that would help lift me out of this…whatever it is I’m feeling…

In hopes of lifting you too…here’s my latest inspirations…

(Mouse over the images to see where I found them…and of course, you can follow @atlasandelia on Pinterest to see more…)

I’m loving anything linen these days..included bed linens

Watercolor has become an obsession

Gold flatware & jewelry are totally on my radar

And anything monogrammed is a perennial favorite of mine

All of these things are just that, things, but surrounding myself with beauty, even in little things…maybe even especially in little things… brings me a certain amount of happiness and is truly inspiring to me…



p.s. Don’t you just love that stamped spoon?! You can find it & all sorts of other interesting & inspiring homemade goodies from Sterling & Fish 

p.p.s I’m feeling better already!

p.p.p.s. Where do you look for inspiration?






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