fighting time…

Right now the passing of time feels like it’s simultaneously too fast and wicked slow. It’s winter, which means there’s more time for snuggling, more time for cooking, more time to reflect. I am taking advantage of it and it’s making me feel anxious. Luxuriating in the darkness is not something that makes me feel alive…instead it makes my stomach all queasy. I feel like I’m wasting precious minutes of the day, sitting, sipping my homemade coffee (which took 5 minutes of my time to make…arg…too long!) reading blogs, day-dreaming. While many would revel in the notion that they have this freedom, my heart is racing, feeling like I should be doing something and not just sitting here!

As I write this I’m not sure what I’m even trying to say, except that I’m the type of person who loves to find a pattern, needs a grove to fit in, wants things to be just so, but when I finally achieve that state, I’m dying to jump back in the fray!

Right now, I imagine some of this feeling comes from that fact that this is my first year in business and I’m working out the kinks, so there really never is a groove, and when I do have genuine moments of peace in my mind and heart, I think…”Get back to work, you slacker!” Maybe I’ll always be this way. I hope not. I hope I can find balance and learn to breathe a little deeper and let life happen. It’s funny…the only time that I always feel that sense of peace and calm and “in-the-momentness” is when I have a camera held up to my eye. I get lost in the moment…

Wenatchee Wedding Photographer

parker & abbey

Leavenworth Wedding Photographer

sibling rivalry…

leavenworth wa wedding photographer

wenatchee wa wedding photographer

“tired already?”

chelan wa wedding photographer

wenatchee wa wedding photographer

leavenworth wa wedding photographer(yes, those are James’ shoes…in bed! …a little post brunch nap)

I think one thing that helps me is to talk it out when I feel like this… and sometimes we...I feel like there aren’t that many people out there who “get” me…if you feel this way too… please share…community is a powerful thing.



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