Ferrell Family Session {Wenatchee family photographer}

Where do I even begin with the Ferrell family?! I met this extraordinary family this past year when I was still working for the newspaper. They were in the middle of competing in the Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover competition when I went to their house to photograph the fam just hanging out doing what every family does on random Tuesday nights: a cook-off challenge á la “Top Chef“! The kids competed against one another in the kitchen, working in teams to create the perfect dish. Amy and Chester (mom and dad) were the judges…it was the kind of goofy fun that every kid should get to have each and every day!

There’s been major change in their lives since that first time I met them. Amy WON the Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover competition…which gave them the opportunity to buy a new home that would fit their newly expanded family!

Life is a little different in the new house, but the Ferrell’s still love to just be silly and goofy and just be themselves. This is why I adore this family. And, not only are they simply themselves, they give of themselves. Each of them in their own way.

When Amy asked if I’d like to take their first-ever professional family portrait, I knew I wanted to do something a little different…

Chester’s gift is his artistic ability! He teaches art to elementary school children. Bingo! This is where the idea came from to have the family create their own paintings to be displayed among their family portrait wall (from the portraits and candid images I created for them).

The kids and Amy and Chester spent one fall afternoon creating the art and then the next day we spent the day creating portraits!

I feel totally inspired when I am surrounded by this family. I am so excited to see what each of these kids (and their parents) do with each of their gifts!


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