Father’s Day

Today, I’m missing my dad, lots. Yesterday, I got the chance to talk to him on the phone before he and my mom headed to my sister’s house for dinner. Even though it was great to talk to him on the phone, I really wished we could have been sitting in person at the dinner table debating about the latest in politics, discussing his upcoming backpacking trips, or just talking about nothing at all. Living far enough away from my family that regular weekend visits are not easy, I get homesick–maybe more than a 33-year-old should. I long for the days when we can just get together for no reason at all.

On this day after Father’s Day, I wanted…no, needed, to stop for a moment to thank my dad for everything he’s ever done for me. For the way that he lives his life–the example he has set for me, and countless others. For giving so much. For loving so much. For teaching me that I can, and should be the one and only ME. Unless, of course, I decide to create an alter-ego/stage personality, and then it’s okay to be somebody else for the evening…

(My Dad, as “Frankie Wayne” lounge-lizard extraordinaire!)

I love you SO MUCH, dad!

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }


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