farm fresh… {A Cashmere Washington engagement session}

In the past few days, some weird things have happened. Like, I was telling James a story and mid-sentence I paused and he finished my sentence with the exact word I was planning to use…The weird thing was, it was a word that I don’t think I’ve said, or really even thought EVER*. It wasn’t really that big of a deal, but then yesterday about half-way through the day, I hadn’t spoken with James and thought I’d text him. I started to text him and just as I hit send, he texted me the EXACT same thing I was going to write to him! I know, it sounds strange. And maybe it’s nothing, but, at the very least, it feels good to be that in sync, that connected.

When I met Jacey and Cory a few months ago, they struck me as couple with this kind of connectedness. When you’re in a room with them, their connection is practically palpable. Their hearts and minds are so in tune with one another, like they’re speaking to one another without having to say a word… One look and they have communicated exactly how they feel toward one another. I don’t know about telepathy, but these two are certainly on the same wave-length…

They will be married this Saturday in Leavenworth, Washington and I so look forward to documenting the beginning of their wedded life together!

Did I mention Jacey’s family lives on a farm? With horses? This is Jack:

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

*p.s. The word I was going to use, and James said is “compunction” …not really a word we use everyday!


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