{Etcetera} A Business Profile

Etcetera is a home decor and gift shop on Wenatchee Avenue owned by the inimitable Amy Aguigui! This was my first chance to work with Amy and wow! I couldn’t be more impressed–with her work, her outlook life and having met someone who I believe is truly a person I’d like to call a friend. She, along with Janine Davis, of Bloomers decorated the entire Your Wedding Day Soiree event!

Here’s a little bit more about Amy Aguigui of Etcetera:

“Etcetera is a place for all of us to get lost and relax.. I had a customer tell me after seeing her every Wednesday for a year that she came to my store while her husband was at his heart appointments..in almost tears she thanked me for letting her get lost in my store and said it was her salvation at the time. The work to me is an escape that is relaxing. In our event planning and coordination, I like to make a connection to clients, it is NOT just a job to me..I have done events and what means the most to me is when I have heard from their heart how much they loved what we did. We provide all services and/or just some depending on the requests… I like each event to come to life to represent those I am designing for and I want to give them only great memories.

The soiree was really relaxing for me. It was an honor to create for The Ivy Wild so they could see a different spin on their very intimate and beautiful setting and for you, so you might find the one photo that would make that great memory. Loved it!
I so loved working with my good friend Janine, we create well as a team as well as have a fabulous friendship.

I loved meeting and getting to know you, Kathryn. I think you have a good soul. I admire that you show out loud your passion for what you do. Loved working with my friend, Lisa.. Ms. Closet Diva!!! She is always fun! And there truly is power in the numbers that work well together.”

I echo these sentiments, Amy! Thank you!

Amy and Janine are a wonderful team, and both love to be behind the scenes, but I managed to get one little image of the two of them. I love how they look so happy doing what they do!



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