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Growing up as a child of the ’80s and the baby of my family, I may or may not have developed a bit of a “Material Girl” attitude. I spent countless hours gathering piles of jeans, sweaters, stirrup pants, turtlenecks..yes, even overalls, and carting them to the dressing room to spend countless hours in front of a mirror trying them on. My friends and I were pretty into our “stuff”. This may or may not have continued into my college years, but, I would say, thankfully, I no longer consider myself to be materialistic, or at least not obsessively so. But, when it comes to fawning over other’s things, I’m still Madonna at heart. I LOVE gushing with my brides over their dress, their ring, the colors they’ve chosen for their wedding and every other detail in between.

Discussing the details of a wedding day and then seeing how the couple’s vision for that day come to life, is grin-inducing! I’m as giddy as I ever was after finding the perfect sweater/turtleneck combo back in the day!

On the wedding day, I strive to capture these details in unique and beautiful ways, in hopes of telling a story with these images and making sure I document these things that were chosen to be a part of the day. Though they may just be things, they are important to helping each couple express who they are and what their style is…together.

I begin on the wedding day photographing details like shoes, jewelry and other details, like fragrance.

Next, I concentrate on photographing the dress.

Photographing the dress in a location where it might naturally be hung, is my preference, but sometimes I like to bring nature into the image and will photograph outside, in a tree, for example.

Throughout the day, I look for details from the location, whether it’s the church…or the country road…

Not only do I photograph the location, but often other aspects of the environment, like and animals, or flowers that are naturally growing at the venue.

Photographing the wedding bouquet can be done with the bride, or without. I like to do both. The bridal bouquet is such a gorgeous detail, I try to photograph it as much as I have time for.

And we can’t forget the rings! Again, I look for ways to highlight the location, or environment. The rings above sit in shallow water because the wedding took place in the bride’s family backyard near their reflecting pool. If there are details from the ceremony, like this cute sign the ring bearer would hold, or elements of the ceremony, I try to photograph them before the ceremony begins..and before they are disturbed.

Couples put a lot of work into the design of their invitations and program. I photograph both in several ways. One thing I really try to do is photograph details from the day, in context, often times with people in the photographs as well.

Centerpieces, menus and seating charts for the reception are a must! Again, I’m looking to photograph each in a unique, clean and beautiful way.

The dessert table & cake or variation thereof, is super important to photograph before it’s touched! The couple and event coordinator take care to make these perfect and you want to capture that before it’s gone!

Wedding favors are becoming as unique as each couple! I loved that this couple were giving away little animals and their version of Chex Party Mix as favors!

I like to arrange or re-arrange the details to highlight them and make them as beautiful as can be, free from distractions. James had some fun with this one above, since these party favors are definitely on the silly-side, he arranged them like the otter was performing a wedding ceremony for the penguin couple in love!

I used to dread photographing details because I didn’t feel I had enough time to do them justice, but now I approach it knowing I have arrived early and can dedicate plenty of time. Plus, my attitude about it has changed. I now see the value in putting emphasis on the material things. As I said, it’s part of the story!


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