Darci + Brodie = ♥

Darci + Brodie = ♥ it seems so simple. And in many ways it is, but this is no ordinary addition problem. This isn’t about one number adding to another number to create another generic number. This is one unique individual attracting to another unique person to equal a very specific love, their love. Their love began when friends introduced them to each other. Their love grew despite the fact that they lived half way across the country from one another. Their love became so strong that just before Christmas of 2011, Brodie wanted nothing more than to be with Darci every day for the rest of his life…but, sometimes travel and weather and life figures out a way to get in the way of their love…

“So, I had intended a large and involved planned engagement. The one thing I didn’t plan for was a late plane. As I am constantly traveling from Colorado, I contacted the glass museum in Tacoma and asked if I could utilize their property. Darci loves eclectic items and glass, so I found an oddly shaped glass bottle and placed a special note inside. My plan was to have the bottle sitting on display and I would pick it up. I knew Darci would try to stop me, and I’d hand her the note… and as she was reading it I’d walk behind her get down on one knee, etc.

I ended up landing 3 hours late and we had to get ready to go to a rehearsal for a wedding Darci was in the next day. So those days and my plans were shot.

Finally, Sunday came. It was our last day in Seattle. That morning I picked up Dars early and asked her what are her “favorite things to do in Seattle”? We went all over the city doing both fun and touristy things including: coffee at the first Starbucks, brunch at the Space Needle, riding the monorail, the wall of gum, 😀 Pike Place. It was a blast… We ended up downtown outside the Seattle aquarium at some interesting fountains… I wasn’t sure it was the right plan until she said “what is that tissue in your hand?” (I didn’t want the ring box bulging out of my pockets, so I wrapped it in red tissue) I had pulled it out before I knew it.
I got down on one knee and in not so many words expressed the love, adoration, and respect I feel for her! I don’t believe she heard a word of it over her ‘No no no nos’ of unbelief, though when I eventually asked the question, “Will you marry me?” she immediately said “yes” ”

their love …. ♥ = Darci + Brodie is the equation of their life now. Travel, weather, life…will all happen together from this moment forward.

So tell me, what is YOUR love equation? Share your advice for how you and your partner work together to create your very own ♥ …

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