Courtney & Brian’s Tahoe Wedding {Part II}

It all started with the wine tasting Wednesday afternoon near Plymouth, California when I met up with several of Courtney’s closest girlfriends and family. Each woman stood up one by one to toast Courtney. I started to get a picture of who Courtney spends her time with, but more importantly, who Courtney is through each of these beautiful women. She is strong. She is nurturing. She is intelligent.

When Courtney and Brian met almost five years ago in NYC, Brian also saw these traits in her; and quickly realized that this is who he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. He then decided to follow her all the way across the country to do just this! And, AND the winery we went to where all the toasts happened? That was where he proposed! (Perfect planning by the perfect bridesmaids!)

The wedding weekend brought their two families together on the west coast to share in their marriage.Not only did their families bare witness to this love, but they created new bonds and relationships that will help create the foundation for Courtney and Brian’s marriage.

It was beautiful to see this from an outsider’s perspective, and again it was such an honor to be part of it all!

Congratulations to the Noonan family. Congratulations to the Wilson family! Cheers to you all!














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