Yesterday, I sort of dreaded my tasks for the day. It was raining, so the thought of walking the dogs made my lips curl. But, I got ready and went out into the drizzle anyway and the dogs and I had a great 40 minute walk, even if we got a little muddy.

My next task for the day was to photograph the 2012 GWATA Innovator Award Luncheon. I wasn’t so much dreading photographing this, but sometimes, when I have to go talk to a bunch of people I haven’t met, or have met but forgot I have, I get a little anxious. So, all of Sunday and Monday and Tuesday morning I spent being a little overly anxious about the whole thing. I got there in plenty of time to set up and to talk to the event planner, Jennifer Bushong of JB Marketing Group and then I ran into some familiar faces… Malcolm Keithley of M&M Productions who is rapidly becoming my favorite person and Mary Resk, whom I rarely get to see in real life, so it was a great surprise to see her! And then anyone who knows Molly Steere knows that seeing her is a treat that will brighten even the gloomiest of days! Each of these encounters reminded me that getting out and talking with people in our great community is often just what I need for a little inspiration, dare I say innovation! The awards luncheon ended with meeting the 2012 GWATA Innovator of the Year, Nancy Tedeschi of Eyeego Snap-It Screw, who has all sorts of fun things happening in her life right now, including being a part of the Wal-Mart “Get It On The Shelf” contest! Now, I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart, but I am a fan of local community members and business owners thriving! If you want to help her win, go here to learn how!

Speaking of thriving business owners! I also stopped into Pickle Papers to pick up a few paper goods for an upcoming event and I was lucky to spend some time with the owner, Peggy Nichols, whom I don’t know well, but ALWAYS gives me such a great feeling after spending time with her! I LOVE going into her shop and chit-chatting about life and projects and to see what amazing creation she’s made or has found! While there, I ran into another amazing community member, Guy from Tunnel Hill Winery and The Sunshine Farm. I found out he’s also a photographer and so we found that common ground that I love finding with people when you take the time to do so. Honestly, with each of my encounters yesterday, when we took the time to visit and to really listen, I found making that connection was easy and felt really good!  And hopefully built a little sense of community.

Thanks to each of you who make my community a little stronger and a whole lot better!

Here’s a little sample of the treasures I found at Pickle Papers yesterday…

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

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