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Yesterday, I was thinking about marriage and how it is comprised of layers. Layer upon layer is built from that initial bond between the couple, the friendship, the romance, the personality quirks, even the wedding day itself. Then there’s the family bond, which brings into play history and heritage from each of the couple’s families. As I was describing this, James said, “so, it’s like an onion?” “well, no…not like an onion,” I said, “so, like an orange, that can be peeled to reveal the fruit inside…?” he said, “well, no…not like an orange either….each of those things have layers that can be peeled away and segmented, those layers are readily visable. Marriage is different. It has layers that are built upon, from a foundation over time, without visible layers. This is what makes marriage so interesting…marriage is… like a Tree Cake!” James smiled and knew exactly what I meant, but if I had said that before Saturday he would have had NO idea what I was talking about.

In fact, before Saturday, I had no idea what “Tree cake” was either. Luckily, at Colleen and Arius’ wedding it was explained to me by Arius’ father, Tony. You see, Tree cake, also called “raguolis” or “sakotis, a tradition in the Lithuanian culture, is formed by drizzling batter over a rod that circulates, like a rotisserie, over heat. The batter is added building layer, after layer to create a form that, in the end, looks (as you’ll see when you scroll down) much like a coniferous tree!

I’m not going to lie, at first glance, it’s not the prettiest wedding cake out there. But, after thinking about the meaning held in the cake: that if a marriage begins by creating a strong foundation, adding to it slowly and tending to it, we can form a rich, strong bond that is not easily broken, then I think of that cake as quite possibly the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen!

Colleen & Arius, if ever there was a couple with a solid foundation, it is YOU! May your life’s layers bring you happiness beyond your wildest dreams!

So many wonderful images (like the one above) were made by my husband, James, who is my second shooter!

“Tree Cake”

Photography: Atlas & Elia Photography

Venue: Icicle Creek Center for the Arts @ Sleeping Lady

Catering: Richard Kitos @ The IvyWild

Cake: Racine Bakery, Chicago

DJ: Stark Raving Rad Productions

Hair and makeup: Anna James Miller

Flowers: wildflowers put together by maid of honor

Dress: made from Colleen’s grandmother’s wedding dress

Shoes: Seychelles

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