Building connections: On Twitter

Last night, among tweets with hashtags like ” #bindersfullofwomen ” and “#debate2012″ and #wholiedtoyou”, I was reminded the power of Twitter. It really hit me though, when I saw a tweet come into my feed BEFORE I heard it as I was streaming the presidential debate on Hulu.

Twitter is (or can be) reaction to information happening in real-time. I loved the interplay between what was being said in the debate and the opinions of the people I follow and then links to more information, like fact-checking and even almost-live art being created around the event.

This isn’t a new revelation, for me, or anyone else, but it did remind me of how Twitter can be used.

For my business, I find it to be the very best way to connect with people…even better than Facebook. Very often, I will just push links out through Twitter, and then forget to check my feed to see what others are saying, but this is a big mistake. Huge! The information coming through my feed is fresh and highly relevant to me (because of the people I choose to follow). And, when I remember how important it is to connect with people here, I am blown away by the number of real and meaningful conversations I have …albeit in 140 character snippets.

I follow several people who I think do Twitter right:

1) @citysage is genius when it comes to her ability to interact with her followers, create meaningful content, and promote her brand all through Twitter!

2) @bonnietsang tweets her thoughts on work, life, style, all seamlessly and constantly throughout the day all in a way that makes you want to know more about her and her brand!

3) @abbygracephoto uses Twitter really well to connect to other companies and to give shout-outs to the brands she loves to use in her business.

You’ll find me using Twitter more often and hopefully in ways that are relevant, informative, and continues to build connections.



p.s. It took me 4 tries to spell “genius” right …yikes.

p.p.s. I’d love to follow you on Twitter, let me know what your Twitter handle is and I’ll find you! Or, better yet, follow me here: @atlasandelia



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