No, I haven’t been out on the range rounding up the cattle. I have, however, been out on the town gathering inspiration for my branding.

Last year, when I started my blog and website, I began to narrow down my color choices, font choices, packaging material, etc. I pretty quickly honed in on a cool mint-y and dusty peach color combo and began to base much of my choices from here. Lately, I’ve been thinking beyond just color choice, logo, fonts, etc. and thinking of a broader feeling I’d like to give through these choices. If you’ll notice, I actually removed all color from the background here on my blog and that was due to the fact that I felt that so much color (even if they were my two chosen colors) detracted from the real content of the blog-THE PHOTOS! So, into the future, I will base my branding on a larger idea of what it is meant to represent.

Here’s a recent purchase I made for some client packages…

I love Rifle Paper Company & Pickle Papers where I bought this stationary & tea-stained ribbon! Thanks, Peggy!! You are truly the best!

In the next few months I’ll be working toward this idea that I want to give you, the reader, and my clients, a feeling and sense of what my brand, my aesthetic, my work is about. This will include more tearing down of certain aspects of my brand, and building further on ideas I’ve already been working on. I will work hard to make choices that won’t just be pretty for pretty sake. And won’t be based on what I “should” look like…

I had a conversation with my friend, Melinda, last Friday, about branding and we both came away feeling like we want to see change in our brands, but we weren’t exactly sure where we wanted to take it. It’s so nuanced sometimes. It’s so difficult to pinpoint what you want to say with the choices you make. And, as I’ve heard from so many other resources, “your brand is not just your logo”. Cheers to that!

I just keep asking myself: “What repeatedly speaks to you?” and “what is the reason behind that choice?” And, so far, the things I’ve chosen go way back into my childhood…things I hadn’t realized were so a part of me, that I’d looked right over them.

So, I will keep that in my sights for now…and I’m really excited to share that direction with you as I make those changes…



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