{Bloomers Flowers} A Business Profile

Without a doubt, Janine Davis of Bloomers is a genius. Honestly. Have you seen her floral work?

Maybe you’ve stopped by her shop on Wenatchee Avenue sometime this last year and seen her beautiful home decor & gift selection? Maybe, you then thought to yourself, “Didn’t she used to do flowers?” And, then Janine would have ask you, “what’s that look? What are you thinking?” (Because she’s the type of business person who pays attention to what her customer’s needs are and genuinely wants to know about them and what they’re thinking). And, you would have told her what you were thinking. And she would have answer,ed “Well, I used to have flowers on hand daily, but I only work with a select number of clients now.” And, then you would have groaned and said, “Ohh! That’s too bad, I hear you do great work!” And you would have then left. Months later, you would then sit down at your computer to read my blog and then notice how I wrote ALL of that in the past-tense?!? That’s because, that was LAST year. As of last May 2011, Janine is baaaackkkkk!! She is again working her floral magic with her wedding clients and the walk-in client looking for an inspirational center-piece for their weekend dinner-party and anyone else in need of original, professional-quality floral work!

I was so happy when Janine said she would work on the “Your Wedding Day Soiree” event. This is because, Janine not only has mad skills with flowers, but she also has a way with event decoration. (Remember, she’s a genius.) She worked with Amy Aguigui of Etcetera tirelessly in the days leading up to the event, creating each centerpiece and luminary and all of the other fun decor I talked about a few weeks back on the blog.

And, she created the gorgeous bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere seen here.

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Janine loves taking your vision, your ideas and putting her magic touch on it. I mean, seriously, did you see the goldfish in the vases? If that’s not genius, I don’t know what is!



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