Announcement! {Official Business}

I feel….I feel like….I feel like I’m ready to shout it from the mountain tops! I feel…I feel like…I feel like it’s time. It’s time for me!

Yesterday was the last day of my job as a photojournalist at my local newspaper. Just over a month ago I decided it was time for me to leave. I did it for many reasons. One being because I feel like I didn’t know how to feel anymore. And sometimes, I felt too much. Those are two things I think we all struggle with at times, but as a journalist it was tough. It was tough to not feel like you could be yourself, to say what you truly feel. And, at times, because you often feel so much, not knowing how to maintain objectivity…or know how to continue to do your work without wanting to become involved in the lives of the people that you’re covering, became too much to take.

And so, today marks the first day of my new beginning. Of a life where I can truly be me and where I will strive to be me because well, that’s all I know! And, I can do that better than anyone else! So, that’s going to be my goal. But, along with that goal, my hope is that I can help others do the same thing through photography.

What I mean is, I want to work with people who have difficulty being their best selves, especially in front of a camera, which is many of us…including me. I know how hard it is to get in front of a camera and to feel comfortable. But, to create images that reflect very truly who you are and to create images that are “real life, beautifully done!” you must feel good and confident in yourself and in me! Creating beautiful images of my clients on their most special days is my ultimate dream! I am passionate. Actually, I’m darn-near compulsive about wanting to create images that do just this…for my clients… for myself.

And in doing this, I hope to find my true self again. To get back to a place where each and every day I can wake up and say to myself, and to all of you, “look at me, in all that I am, in all the good things and all the bad things, this is who I am. Take it or leave it. Work with me, or don’t. This is me.”

And, a true representation of me…and I really feel that I’m on the right path with this, is the business that I have created.

So, today marks the official, first day of my business “Atlas & Elia Photography”!

Now, everyone keeps asking me about where that name comes from..It couldn’t get much more “me” than this name (unless it was my own name of course). But, I opted not to use my actual name in my business because it felt like it wasn’t the right direction, for me. Instead, I have chosen a name that is representative of family and of love and hits the right note. So, okay, I’ll just say it… Atlas and Elia (pronounced (ell-ee-uh”) are the names James and I have chosen for our future children (if we have both a boy and a girl). So, true to form, I decided to just “go with it”, and I love it! And now, it really feels like Atlas & Elia Photography is an extension of me.

For more about me and my business plans, stay close. I want to share that with all of you as I go forward in establishing the business. For now, I will say, I am a sucker for love & babies (other people’s babies at this point) and so, I will focus highly on wedding photography and incorporate family and maternity photography into the mix.

Photography is powerful. In a split second you can be transported back to that moment the photo was taken. Through my photography I want to evoke the exact emotions you were feeling when you experienced that day. I want to do it with spirit and a little panache and vivacity! No, those aren’t words you usually hear in regards to describing a business and maybe not even to describe photography, but those are the kinds of feelings and thoughts and emotions I have each and every time I press the shutter. I become more and more alive with each second I dream this dream.

My life has brought me to this point. Everything that I have done so far, including the job I just left to pursue this passion, has brought me to this moment and I well up with emotion when I think about how blessed my life is and is becoming. And I, I am doing this..exactly what I set out to do. Of course I have support and a foundation of amazing family, wonderful friends and a husband that gave me everything to be able to do this, but in the end, this is me.

I feel…I feel like…I feel like a kid again! I feel…I feel like…I feel like I could cry I’m so happy! I feel…I feel like…I feel like I feel.




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