An engagement photo session with Megan & Mark {San Jose, California}

Megan, my lovely second cousin has met a boy. This boy has a name and it is Mark. Megan and Mark met through a mutual friend who, similar to the two of them, was involved in social justice advocacy in the bay area. The friend thought they’d find each other interesting, and well-they did. The interest grew and after spending some time together, Megan decided to ask Mark to be her boyfriend at an inauguration┬árally for President Barack Obama (she admitted to me that she felt like a big dork for doing that, but couldn’t care less, it seemed like the perfect time and the perfect place).

I was so, so lucky to spend the weekend with these two, as well as my amazing and beautiful and loving aunts, uncles and cousins throughout the bay area. I even was able to go to Megan’s gorgeous wedding shower! Last July I had the opportunity to re-connect with this side of my family after many years of not seeing them and this past weekend I was able to spend more time getting to know these wonderful people! I simply can not WAIT to go back for the wedding in April!

Megan and Mark, I loved every second we were able to spend together…your energy is just so positive and calming and contagious! Thanks, Mark, for the excellent waffcakes (waffles that ended up being pancakes) and also for letting Atticus sleep in the bed with me (I guess I was missing my dogs more than I knew)! And thanks, Megan, for making me feel right at home, wherever we were!

We spent a few minutes taking photos at Mark’s urban farm in San Jose called Veggielution! Veggielution is an amazing experiment/dream turned thriving reality! It was the most perfect location to photograph their organic love!

{my heart is full}


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