A place of giving…

On Facebook, sometimes it feels like you’re just trying to shout louder than the other person, rather than actually trying to connect, and carry on a conversation. And, it’s only becoming worse.

I’m not sure I know what to do about it for my business, and personally. Just keep posting and hope someone hears it? Try to really connect with others by interacting with more individuals more often? Leave all together!?

Actually, I do have a theory. When I forget that I’m “on Facebook” or “doing social media” and I am just myself, there seems to be a natural attraction and people begin to converse more freely, in a more real way. AND, when I think about just giving to others… being truly giving of my time, and maybe just lending an ear, it seems social media is just another way to become connected with another human being. And that’s what I hope to do in my life.

Maybe this isn’t rocket science, and maybe it’s not new, but sometimes I just need that reminder that getting out of a place of “selfishness” and moving toward a place of giving, elicites something that truly excites me. It means we are being more fully human…and I feel like I’m closer to my true self in those moments.

My aim here is to let go of pretense, opening myself up to others, in case they are in need of a kind word, of an ear to listen. With all of the noise online, sometimes just going back to what matters, going to that place of giving is really the place I must start.

If only I could learn to be as giving as the tree…unconditional love and sacrifice… what a beautiful reminder to be more giving…

By the way, thanks to you, for being a reader of this blog. For giving your time to me. For lending your ear. It means a lot to me.



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