A Mister Rogers Moment…

I’m weird. There’s no denying it. Now that that is out of the way…yesterday, I had a bit of a “Mister Rogers” moment. I came home, took off my coat, hung it up (okay, I didn’t hang it up) and took the cardigan off my chair and put it on. It’s a nice little routine I have going, now that it’s cold…outside AND inside my house.

Thanks, to Instagram, I can share this meaningful picture of my cardigan.

I guess that’s not so weird…the routine is nice actually. But, what happened after that was just kind of indicative of me…and how my afternoons sometimes go…I laid down on the floor of my office…to warm up by the heater and called the dogs over to lie down too. They were in a playful mood, and would rather try to destroy the decorative pillow I was using to lie on and wrestle, than lie peacefully. But, as I laid there, I saw the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights from the other room, which made me think of my childhood and my family in Portland. All I could do was laugh and smile…one of the really big, dopey smiles that doesn’t fade too quickly. I was content. Instead of getting up to rush to the next thing and finish my work for the day, I just soaked it up..because, as I alluded to in yesterday’s post, I’m not very good at just being in the moment.

Being present to that moment gave me a peace that I haven’t felt in a while. It lasted into the evening, as I went running, made dinner and settled in with James and some popcorn and a little Downton Abbey.

Mister Rogers had that effect on me as a child. The routine of his show on everyday at 3. The set pattern for the way the show started and ended. He gave reassurance and peace. What an amazing thing that one human being (along with many puppets) can do that for others…It didn’t take much… remember?…



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