A meeting of minds…

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down to brunch with the fabulous Lauren Wakefield last week while I was in Chicago.

It was an absolute pleasure because:

a) Lauren is my kind of people

b) We went to Feast (yum!)

c) We had mimosas

And Lauren is fabulous because:

1) She is honest, open and real

2) She is hilariously hilarious.

3) She is gorgeous inside and out

3a) We had mimosas

Because sometimes I’m not really thinking, I didn’t take any photos of us together, here’s a photo Lauren took of me on Instagram :

(As much as I know how to make other people look good in front of the camera, I can’t seem to teach myself! #crazyface!)

We were toasting for many reasons, but the biggest reason that day was because it was Lauren’s first official day as a full time wedding photographer!!! She has been working toward this for a long while now, but she was finally ready and took the plunge! I’d say it’s long over due (when you check out her blog, you’ll see why …she’s good!)

I originally met Lauren in person at the What If Conference in Portland last July, but I had been following her blog for sometime. She is definitely the type of person who you want to know more about (reference the list above) and I was so thrilled to be able to do just that at the conference and again last week.

Our conversation went from blogging to mimosas to why weren’t already following each other on Instagram …and we of course talked photography business stuff, but the thing I really took away from our time together was this:

Even when life kicks you down, repeatedly, you don’t just lie down and take it. No. No, you look at life in the eye and you grab hold of it and you don’t let go. You make decisions from that point on to live to the fullest. To take no moment for granted. Lauren and I didn’t talk about this specifically–we didn’t have to. This is just in her spirit, it is in her every word and every action. You can feel this in her presence and so walking away from our fun little brunch date, much like after meeting her at What If, I was in awe. I left with a smile on my face…I couldn’t help myself. She just has that effect on you…

Thank you, Lauren, for being you. I wish you nothing but success in your new chapter of life! And, I can not WAIT to see you in Feb!



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