A Cliché In The Making

Right about now, I am one of hundreds of thousands of people “dedicating the new year to a new you!” A cliché in the making! I joined the gym a few days after the year began and I’ve been almost every day since then. I’ve been eating healthier foods and less food! I definitely feel like I’m “on track” to the “best year yet!”

Go me!

Have you ever done this? Been totally dedicated to “just being stronger and better this year!”? Yeah me too. And, it lasts for maaaybe another week, and then …well, those chocolates sitting in the pantry start calling your name…and pretty soon, you’re surrounded by a pile of wrappers and a mountain of shame. And then you think, “well, that was a good run, I guess I’m just not strong enough to do this…I might as well quit”…

I am RIGHT in the middle of that (read: yesterday I caved and had a pile of chocolate)! I didn’t quite get to the point yesterday of feeling like I should just give up all together, but I am fearful of this! In two weeks, when the gym starts to clear out and suddenly I have my choice of cardio machines, I don’t want to be the one who decides I’m just not cut out for this…it’s just too hard.

If nothing else last year, I learned that this is the time to dig deep. Sure, I can barely walk up…or down the stairs this morning. Sure, I’m starving and the term “calorie deficit” is about as maddening as “the fiscal cliff”. But, if I begin to tell myself that this isn’t about today, or tomorrow, it’s about 5 years from now and asking myself: “Will I be the person I’ve always wanted to be?”

And the person I want to be isn’t just “fit”, but it’s the type of person that follows through on my actions. This is what I’m working toward in all aspects of my life. And so if I quit working out now, I will just continue my old patterns. But, if I commit, just one more time to becoming stronger, I will have proved again (even if briefly) that I can be that person.

The question is…if I can’t move…how am I going to make it to the gym today…?!?




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