Over the weekend I saw this quote tweeted from Portland-based photographer, Branden Harvey, and it really struck me. It struck me because using these adjectives: “happy” and “bored” are just exactly how I feel when producing/creating vs. consuming. And, it struck me because recently I’ve been attempting to figure out how I work best. I’ve been experimenting with my daily schedule. I’ve been switching things up when it comes to day to day tasks, as well as the more creative endeavors in my business.

This has not been easy. How do you become more efficient? How do you break it all down to really get to the heart of your best self? How do you even find the time to do all of this? I’ve been grappling with all of this as of late.

So, when I saw this quote from William Ralph Inge I stopped and said, “that’s it!” It’s not that this is the answer to all of these questions, per se, but this is where it begins for me: When I am producing and creating, I move forward.

I’ll say it again (more for me, than for you): When I am creating, I am moving forward.

This doesn’t mean that in this creating, I’m always doing everything right, or in the very best way I can. But, simply creating seems to fuel everything else I do. When I even just begin the steps to create (whether that’s creating a photograph, or creating a better system to keep track of my expenses), that inertia, that feeling of being stuck just leaves my body. I am happy! I’ve moved forward and it feels amazing!

More often than not though, I get overwhelmed with everything I’m working on and I begin to turn to others (usually within the wedding photography industry) for inspiration. I see what others are producing and I go into consumption mode, or what I call: #iWant mode. It’s that feeling that everything I’m looking at I want. I want to photograph like that, I want to look like that, I want to be like that person…and on and on. As a consumer, I begin to feel empty inside. I begin to compare compare compare! Even thinking about producing something feels impossible. I mean, how can I? I’ll never be as good as that, I’ll never look like that…etc.

And so, after seeing that tweet from Branden, I’ve been thinking how can I snap out of that mode?..Because let’s be honest, the consumer-mentality isn’t going away any time soon. One way I’ve discovered, is to turn off all social media except at certain portions of the day. This seems to train my brain to be actively thinking, rather than digesting information. And of course, there’s the ABCs …no, not Glengarry Glen Ross style but my own version: ABC: A Always B Be C Creating. Always be creating. When the #iWant part of my brain kicks in, I need to kick it back with the ABCs…

What do you think? This is sort of the beginning of this thought process for me, I wonder if you’ve found success with this type of thinking? Maybe you disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts…



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