54 days…now 28

What the heck?! We somehow went from 54 days left in the year (plenty of time to finish LOTS of projects, right?) to now less than a month! You might have seen this post: “Down To The Wire” when I laid out my plans and goals for the rest of the year, and you might have thought there’s NO WAY she’s going to get all of that finished by the end of the year…and well, you might be right! The thing is, I purposely set lofty goals for myself because it seemed like, why not reach a little higher, try to go a little farther…beyond where I am comfortable…

(Major goal for the year: Keep slippers away from the dogs. Two days after purchase, these slippers are no longer with us. #fail.)

I am really happy to say that I’ve been really successful with a a few of my goals (I’ve been sticking to my running schedule and am on track to run the half marathon in less than two weeks; I have been avoiding refined sugar like the plague…but, I will admit I’ve been drinking my iced coffee with eggnog as of late; I have avoided social media on the weekends..for the most part! And, I’ve booked one international wedding!) Everything else is still kind of floating…out there…and even though I’m really excited about the things I’ve been able to accomplish thus far, I’m feeling a little anxious about not working on the others! That’s why today, I am reaffirming my pledge to these goals and will be working tirelessly to make these things happen before the end of the world…I mean, year 😉

What things do you want to finish before the end of the year? What do you need to do to make it happen? I know, for me, it’s about dedicating time every day to these goals, instead of just putting it off because it feels like it’s too much to take on right now. It’s just like my running schedule…a little run every day gets me stronger and more ready for the race. If I decided to begin running tons of miles right before the big day, I would be over-worked, really tired and my body wouldn’t be able to handle the physical and mental stress the day of the race. Doing a little, everyday, gets me closer and closer to accomplishing my goals.

So what are we waiting for?! Let’s make this last month of 2012 the best yet!



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