Meghan & Danny Married


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Meghan & Danny Married

It’s pretty much a guarantee that if you own a dog as sweet and cute as little Gia (seen below), I’m going to love you. But, there’s about a million other reasons why I love these guys, besides that! For one, Jill & Shay are super creative! When I walked into their house and saw all of the art and the way they had it decorated, I was pretty sure we were going to get along. And, these two are just down-to-earth, chill people…the kind that you want to have in your life–for the rest of your life. Oh, and did I mention, they are funnny (three “n’s”)! I loved watching Jill and Shay just be together and laugh! And, well, again…their dog, Gia…this dog, you guys, just made my heart melt! While we were at the 1000 Acres dog park she chased snakes, while we chased the good light. After that, she got a little tuckered, so while we headed farther out into the Columbia River Gorge, just past Hood River, Oregon, she fell asleep and took a good, long nap while we spent time at Rowena Overlook in Mosier, Oregon.

And if that’s not enough, I ALREADY received a hand-written thank you note in the mail from them!! Thanks, you two, for pretty much being the best!


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