Jennifer & Dusty | Married!!!

For months leading up to this day, they prepared the property, they made favors for guests, they painted, and constructed and polished. All this in preparation for their wedding day, but more importantly in preparation for their future. Jennifer and Dusty are making a home and life on Dusty’s family ranch along the shores of Jameson Lake in the middle of Washington state where they were married Saturday. It was extremely apparent, by all of the work they’ve done together how much this new life fits them. Life in the country, with their two dogs, Checkers and Levi, their chickens and horses, and little blue house on the lake are just perfect! Perfect!

Jenn and Dusty, we were so privileged to share in this celebration with you in this most perfect of settings! James and I wish you  nothing but the best in your new life together on the ranch! Congratulations!!!

Oh, and I just couldn’t get enough of all the little ones running around! Aren’t they the sweetest?!

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Special thanks to Two Chefs Catering for the seriously incredible food!


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Jennifer & Dusty | Married! | Sneak Peek

As I stood along the lake watching the moon rise over the basalt cliffs, I was in awe of the beauty that surrounded us. I was hyper-aware of the vastness of the earth. It made me think how absolutely extraordinary it is that in this great, wide world we can find that one person who makes us feel so alive, it hurts. I looked back at the celebration of marriage happening on the beautiful Wittig Ranch and I couldn’t help but smile widely, knowing the Jennifer had, in all of this vast world, found her love, Dusty. And, we are so grateful that these two found us and allowed us to document their celebration! I’m so excited to share their full wedding with you this Thursday!

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May Day

For love of light and life. This is why I do what I do. Sometimes, I’m inspired simply by the blooms on a tree, knowing their ephemeral nature. Sometimes, it’s a person, or a glance. And ALWAYS, ALWAYS by beautiful light. But more than that, it is that there is life running through all of this…coursing, breathing, beaming…and this is the true reason to be inspired again and again.

Oh, and Happy May Day! I remember making baskets out of construction paper and filling them with wild flowers, forget-me-nots and daisies, then placing them on our neighbors’ doorsteps, ringing the doorbell and running to our hiding spot to watch their reaction! This day has a very special day in my heart. Have a very wonderful day full of happy, little surprises!

{ ♥ ♥ ♥}


p.s. I also shot some Kodak Portra 400 & Fuji 400H with my medium format camera that I’ll be processing and posting soon!



ReSTARt wrap up on CreativeLive

Wednesday was the wrap up of Jasmine Star’s ReSTARt on CreativeLive and I was again there in the audience! It was a great couple of days hanging out with some amazing people, learning and spending some quality time in Seattle! The other audience members are dedicated professional photographers and the sweetest people out there! I am so grateful for them.


And, seriously so thankful to J* and the CreativeLive crew for working so hard to put together a fantastic show!!! I took mad notes, but I also went a little crazy with my Vines…so, I thought I’d share these silly videos with you here…

If you’re on Vine, let me know and I will follow you! I am @atlasandelia







Synergy in a Styled Shoot


noun, plural syn·er·gies.

1. The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.; synergism.

This is the exact definition of what came to pass this weekend…
Melinda Sandberg of Melinda Rose Design, Michelle DesCombaz (hairstylist), our model, Elizabeth, and Janine from Bloomers all worked together to create a styled product shoot to introduce Melinda’s 2013 collection. This is the first full collection of bridal head pieces Melinda has created…it’s something she’s been working on tirelessly for the past six months and it just seemed right to be a part of it…
We had worked together before and I truly loved what we had produced during that shoot back in June. I am beyond inspired by her designs, her passions and her vision!
I was inspired, awakened, beaming from the combination of people, creativity, design, light and location! Working with professionals who care deeply about their craft is a creative’s dream, And “when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements”  It truly was a harmonious synergy! Here is a preview of the Melinda Rose Design 2013 collection “A Vintage Romance”…
I am proud of Melinda for creating the gorgeous collection, which will be fully released on Valentine’s Day 2013 on her Etsy Shop!

It’s a bridal show!

UPDATE: I JUST found this video made by Bella Sera that tells you all about the bridal show!

My favorite bridal shop in town, Bella Sera, is hosting the Platinum Bridal Show this weekend and I will be part of it! This past week has been kind of out of control and I’ve been hurrying around to make sure everything is ready to go bright an early tomorrow morning! I am really excited for this show because it’s a little different than many I’ve seen in the past. Bella Sera is going OVER THE TOP to make this as amazing as possible for everyone who attends! The show includes (but is not limited to) giveaways!, a HUGE fashion show, wine tasting, and plenty of time to visit with the hand-picked vendors that will be at the show! “Did you say, ‘giveaways’, Kathryn?” Oh, why yes I did. I, for one, have a BIG giveaway that I am extremely excited to announce tomorrow at the show! Oh, and I might be giving away an engagement session too…but, I guess you’ll have to come to the show to find out!! I also will have cute little takeaways that anyone would love to have, so even if you’re not getting married…come hang out with me!

Where: The PAC (Wenatchee’s Performing Arts Center at 123 N Wenatchee Avenue)

When: The show starts at 10 and goes until 4

Fashion Show: 1pm in the theatre

You can enter to win the giveaway(s) all day and I will announce the winner(s) via Facebook on Monday!



Ashley & Joe | Married!

My friend recently lamented the fact that she hadn’t spent $35 on a pair of hats for her and her husband for Christmas. One hat said, “best” and the other “friend”. I thought, “How cute is that?!” And then I immediately thought of Ashley and Joe. These two are most definitely the best of friends, and they’re just silly enough to sport hats telling the world just that!

James and I were thrilled to spend New Year’s Eve with these two and it was magical. Their family and friends came together to create a fairytale day, celebrating the love and friendship of not only Ashley and Joe, but all who surround them! We could not have asked for a better way to end 2012!

Congratulations you two!!! BFFs forever!



Make sure to leave your well-wishes for Ashley and Joe in the comments below!

Venue: St Joseph’s Catholic Church

Photographer: Atlas & Elia Photography

Florals: Personal Touch by Susan

Dress: Bella Sera

Train: Pins and Needles

Shoes:  Badgley Mischka 

Cake: Glaze

Catering: Café AZ’s

Music: Glenn Isaccson’s Combo Live Band


Inspired By This…& That | A Christmas Wedding…

I’m am definitely in a Christmas-y mood this bright, shiny morning! And, since I love all things weddings, here you go!


1. Wedding Lights

2. Hot Chocolate with Candy Cane

3. Christmas Wedding Table Decor

4. Lace Sheath Wedding Dress

5. Christmas wedding bouquet

6. Green Satin Louboutin Heels

7. Hanging Wedding Lights

8. Gold Leaf Fondant Wedding Cake

9. Wedding Sparklers


Happy Monday, friends!





Tradition! Tradition! + A Giveaway!

Traditioonnnnn! Tradition! It’s a song from the musical “Fiddler On The Roof”, but it’s also a value I hold dear. Especially when it comes to the Christmas season. I have many, many traditions on the list. I would venture to say  Christmas in the Stevens’ household has been held in the exact same manner for going on 40 years. I have only spent three different years away from my parent’s home since I was a child. It is important to me that things are done in a proper fashion. This is why I’ve firmly boycotted the use of a Starbucks Red Cup prior Thanksgiving for every year since their inception! And, it is why I do NOT listen to Christmas music before Black Friday rolls around…ahem. Until this year.

This year, I have successfully avoided the Cup that Shall Not Be Named, thus far. Partly because I usually drink iced drinks, but because I’ve begun making my own yummy coffee at home. But this weekend, something caught hold of me, maybe it’s the Christmas bug everyone’s been getting, and I typed “Bing Crosby Christmas” into my Spotify, plugged it in to our home system, and last Sunday, our home became full-on Christmas central! And tradition be damned…I’ve loved every minute of it!

So, to celebrate tradition, or rather, breaking tradition, and because I WILL NOT CAVE on the Red Cup issue, I’m giving away a pound of my new, favorite local coffee from Blue Star Roasters! All you need to do is :

1. Like Atlas & Elia Photography on Facebook OR follow Atlas & Elia Photography on Twitter OR follow Atlas & Elia Photography on Pinterest! AND THEN

2. Leave a comment below telling me what is your favorite Christmas song?!

That’s it! And, even though I’ll be listening to Christmas music every day until Christmas, there will be a moratorium on Thanksgiving Day…because it’s tradition.



And the winner is…. Chris Robinson! Congrats! You win a pound off Blue Star Roasters Highway 20 House Blend! Email me to redeem!

Ashley & Joe | Engaged! | Leavenworth WA wedding photographer

They met through mutual friends while in college, when, as they both put it, “she crashed boy’s night”. From then on, Ashley crashed many boy’s nights, but Joe was more than happy to have her along, and, actually, so were the guys. Ashley and Joe’s love is one of spontaneity, laughter, and laid back ease…their friends are lucky.

These two both have a love for the outdoors…probably more Joe than Ashley though, as he’s more likely to be found camping or fishing throughout the year, whereas Ashley might be found camping in front of the Nordstrom store before it opens, then fishing for the very cutest new pair of boots. Ashley is happy to go along with Joe on his outings, just as he is happy to go along with her.

This is why, when Joe asked Ashley if she’d like to go to the batting cages one afternoon, she didn’t even hesitate. It sounded like the perfect way to spend the day with her man. After, as Ashley put it, she embarrassed him with her pro abilities, they began to clean up, and when she turned back to Joe, there he stood with the ring in his glove. Ashley then told him, he’d have to get down on one knee and officially asked her, “It was the beginning of the crazy marriage we will have and a high point of the silly romance we’ve created; I would expect nothing less!” she told me.

Ashley and Joe, you two are the absolute cutest and I have truly been SO thrilled to get to know you! I can not wait to celebrate with you at your wedding! A heartfelt congratulations!!!