Allison & Jeff | The Wedding!! | Sneak Peek

This is only the beginning. The very start of something good…really good! Of course, I’m talking about Allison and Jeff’s wedding day! This day marks the first day of the rest of their lives…but more, it marks the first day of the rest of their lives, together! I am REALLY, REALLY excited to share the entire wedding with you Tuesday, but for now…a sneak peek of their gorgeous celebration! And let me tell you, it was a dream to photograph their wedding at the Wenatchee River Lodge! So much love to you two!!!

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Jennifer & Dusty | Married!!!

For months leading up to this day, they prepared the property, they made favors for guests, they painted, and constructed and polished. All this in preparation for their wedding day, but more importantly in preparation for their future. Jennifer and Dusty are making a home and life on Dusty’s family ranch along the shores of Jameson Lake in the middle of Washington state where they were married Saturday. It was extremely apparent, by all of the work they’ve done together how much this new life fits them. Life in the country, with their two dogs, Checkers and Levi, their chickens and horses, and little blue house on the lake are just perfect! Perfect!

Jenn and Dusty, we were so privileged to share in this celebration with you in this most perfect of settings! James and I wish you  nothing but the best in your new life together on the ranch! Congratulations!!!

Oh, and I just couldn’t get enough of all the little ones running around! Aren’t they the sweetest?!

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Special thanks to Two Chefs Catering for the seriously incredible food!


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Jennifer & Dusty | Married! | Sneak Peek

As I stood along the lake watching the moon rise over the basalt cliffs, I was in awe of the beauty that surrounded us. I was hyper-aware of the vastness of the earth. It made me think how absolutely extraordinary it is that in this great, wide world we can find that one person who makes us feel so alive, it hurts. I looked back at the celebration of marriage happening on the beautiful Wittig Ranch and I couldn’t help but smile widely, knowing the Jennifer had, in all of this vast world, found her love, Dusty. And, we are so grateful that these two found us and allowed us to document their celebration! I’m so excited to share their full wedding with you this Thursday!

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Here’s to the Dreamers…


Oh yeah, this video has probably been seen by all y’all out there, but I just saw it again for the first time. And this time, Steve Jobs isn’t talking about everyone else. He’s talking about me. He’s talking about you…if you let him. Have you ever thought of yourself as an “Amelia Earhart”? A Ghandi? A Steve Jobs? No? Why not?

I know for myself, I’ve always put people in categories, and ranked them. This is what we do, evolutionarily, to keep ourselves safe, but what it has done for me is put me in a teeny tiny box that has essentially immobilized me my entire life.

When I watch this video now, I see people who DARED to dream, then DARED to do. Thus far, I have dared to dream…I let myself live there, but I never let myself live in a place where DOING was a reality. Why? Well, the usual suspects, of course, fear, doubt, laziness ruled my mind. They kept me in my place. “You’re just not smart enough, Kathryn, to learn about things like that, so why pick up that book…” “You’re just the type of person who will never really thrive at any one thing…you’re a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.” … “With success comes too much responsibility and you’re not very responsible”. These are seriously the things that travel through my head on a regular basis. The mantras I’ve told myself for years. I didn’t intentionally try to sabotage myself. I just didn’t realize how much these thoughts had a grip on my entire way of being!

I’ve begun to realize that, I too, am a big dreamer…I am a round peg…and at one time I was trying to fit into that square hole. Now though, I’m not seeking to fit in at all…I’m seeking to be whatever shape I take next, sharing my talents, expanding them in all directions and DARING to DO the BIG things I find meaningful and fascinating along the way!

Speaking of dreamers though…here’s to my favorite among them…



Synergy in a Styled Shoot


noun, plural syn·er·gies.

1. The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.; synergism.

This is the exact definition of what came to pass this weekend…
Melinda Sandberg of Melinda Rose Design, Michelle DesCombaz (hairstylist), our model, Elizabeth, and Janine from Bloomers all worked together to create a styled product shoot to introduce Melinda’s 2013 collection. This is the first full collection of bridal head pieces Melinda has created…it’s something she’s been working on tirelessly for the past six months and it just seemed right to be a part of it…
We had worked together before and I truly loved what we had produced during that shoot back in June. I am beyond inspired by her designs, her passions and her vision!
I was inspired, awakened, beaming from the combination of people, creativity, design, light and location! Working with professionals who care deeply about their craft is a creative’s dream, And “when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements”  It truly was a harmonious synergy! Here is a preview of the Melinda Rose Design 2013 collection “A Vintage Romance”…
I am proud of Melinda for creating the gorgeous collection, which will be fully released on Valentine’s Day 2013 on her Etsy Shop!

Inspired By This…& That | Pantone Color of the Year 2013

I love color…in another life I think I would have been a color theorist. It fascinates me that colors or a combination of colors can conjure up feelings of happiness or melancholy. I also closely follow Pantone…basically the color bible. So, I anxiously awaited their latest color trend…

They describe this color as:  “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty
that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

I thought to myself, what an amazing color to incorporate into your wedding!

1. Ombre wedding cake

2. Green canoe wedding portrait

3. Emerald green mojito signature cocktail

4. Green suede Gucci heel wedding shoes

5. Emerald green bridesmaid’s dresses

6. Wedding Invitations with emerald green and soft pink

7. Emerald green bow tie for groom’s

8. Emeral green drop earring

9. Green escort cards 



Ashley & Joe | Married!

My friend recently lamented the fact that she hadn’t spent $35 on a pair of hats for her and her husband for Christmas. One hat said, “best” and the other “friend”. I thought, “How cute is that?!” And then I immediately thought of Ashley and Joe. These two are most definitely the best of friends, and they’re just silly enough to sport hats telling the world just that!

James and I were thrilled to spend New Year’s Eve with these two and it was magical. Their family and friends came together to create a fairytale day, celebrating the love and friendship of not only Ashley and Joe, but all who surround them! We could not have asked for a better way to end 2012!

Congratulations you two!!! BFFs forever!



Make sure to leave your well-wishes for Ashley and Joe in the comments below!

Venue: St Joseph’s Catholic Church

Photographer: Atlas & Elia Photography

Florals: Personal Touch by Susan

Dress: Bella Sera

Train: Pins and Needles

Shoes:  Badgley Mischka 

Cake: Glaze

Catering: Café AZ’s

Music: Glenn Isaccson’s Combo Live Band


Details Details

Growing up as a child of the ’80s and the baby of my family, I may or may not have developed a bit of a “Material Girl” attitude. I spent countless hours gathering piles of jeans, sweaters, stirrup pants, turtlenecks..yes, even overalls, and carting them to the dressing room to spend countless hours in front of a mirror trying them on. My friends and I were pretty into our “stuff”. This may or may not have continued into my college years, but, I would say, thankfully, I no longer consider myself to be materialistic, or at least not obsessively so. But, when it comes to fawning over other’s things, I’m still Madonna at heart. I LOVE gushing with my brides over their dress, their ring, the colors they’ve chosen for their wedding and every other detail in between.

Discussing the details of a wedding day and then seeing how the couple’s vision for that day come to life, is grin-inducing! I’m as giddy as I ever was after finding the perfect sweater/turtleneck combo back in the day!

On the wedding day, I strive to capture these details in unique and beautiful ways, in hopes of telling a story with these images and making sure I document these things that were chosen to be a part of the day. Though they may just be things, they are important to helping each couple express who they are and what their style is…together.

I begin on the wedding day photographing details like shoes, jewelry and other details, like fragrance.

Next, I concentrate on photographing the dress.

Photographing the dress in a location where it might naturally be hung, is my preference, but sometimes I like to bring nature into the image and will photograph outside, in a tree, for example.

Throughout the day, I look for details from the location, whether it’s the church…or the country road…

Not only do I photograph the location, but often other aspects of the environment, like and animals, or flowers that are naturally growing at the venue.

Photographing the wedding bouquet can be done with the bride, or without. I like to do both. The bridal bouquet is such a gorgeous detail, I try to photograph it as much as I have time for.

And we can’t forget the rings! Again, I look for ways to highlight the location, or environment. The rings above sit in shallow water because the wedding took place in the bride’s family backyard near their reflecting pool. If there are details from the ceremony, like this cute sign the ring bearer would hold, or elements of the ceremony, I try to photograph them before the ceremony begins..and before they are disturbed.

Couples put a lot of work into the design of their invitations and program. I photograph both in several ways. One thing I really try to do is photograph details from the day, in context, often times with people in the photographs as well.

Centerpieces, menus and seating charts for the reception are a must! Again, I’m looking to photograph each in a unique, clean and beautiful way.

The dessert table & cake or variation thereof, is super important to photograph before it’s touched! The couple and event coordinator take care to make these perfect and you want to capture that before it’s gone!

Wedding favors are becoming as unique as each couple! I loved that this couple were giving away little animals and their version of Chex Party Mix as favors!

I like to arrange or re-arrange the details to highlight them and make them as beautiful as can be, free from distractions. James had some fun with this one above, since these party favors are definitely on the silly-side, he arranged them like the otter was performing a wedding ceremony for the penguin couple in love!

I used to dread photographing details because I didn’t feel I had enough time to do them justice, but now I approach it knowing I have arrived early and can dedicate plenty of time. Plus, my attitude about it has changed. I now see the value in putting emphasis on the material things. As I said, it’s part of the story!


Inspired By This…& That | A Christmas Wedding…

I’m am definitely in a Christmas-y mood this bright, shiny morning! And, since I love all things weddings, here you go!


1. Wedding Lights

2. Hot Chocolate with Candy Cane

3. Christmas Wedding Table Decor

4. Lace Sheath Wedding Dress

5. Christmas wedding bouquet

6. Green Satin Louboutin Heels

7. Hanging Wedding Lights

8. Gold Leaf Fondant Wedding Cake

9. Wedding Sparklers


Happy Monday, friends!





Studying The Masters

When I was in college I studied abroad for a year in Florence, Italy. That year of my life was absolutely crazy! With classes Monday-Thursday and traveling everywhere you can imagine in Europe (and beyond) Friday through Sunday! I saw SO much that year, it blows my mind when I stop to think about it. It was actually on a bridge in Amsterdam when I realized I’d forgot to bring my dad’s old 35mm camera with me on that trip and I had to buy a disposable camera (remember those?) to document my trip, and I was profoundly struck by the idea that maybe photography was more than just a hobby to me. I realized that through images I could tell stories. It was then that my path led me to photojournalism and then on to wedding photography!

That year, I had the most amazing teachers, including Professora Carrara. She was passionate…no, beyond passionate about sharing her knowledge of art and art history. It was a testament to her great teaching that no matter how late we stayed out and no matter how much wine we drank in the piazza the night before her class, we did NOT miss the walking tours she put on every Wednesday morning. We walked the streets of Firenze and visited museums aplenty. I can distinctly still hear her saying in her thick Italian accent, “It’s the Pan-theon, NOT the Par-thonon!”

For years, I have been telling myself and others that I am not an artist and not artistic. But, lately I’ve found myself going back to study some of the artists she turned us on to, as well as others for inspiration in my work. And slowly, but surely, I’ve come around the the idea that I am artistic. I do have an artistic eye and I am influenced by all of the things that artists look for in creating their art: good composition, good light, and a subject that strikes them in such a way that they are compelled to make it come to life through their eyes.

I am inspired by SO many different great painters, anywhere from Botticelli to Vermeer to Renoir….

I look forward to the day when I can re-visit Florence, and maybe visit with Professora Carrara to tell her just how much she has shaped and influenced my life by allowing me to know more about how a true artist sees the world.