Halley & Chuck | Armaweddin’

They couldn’t have been more ready…

They had their gas masks on hand, compasses out, plenty of food and candles…their hashtag set to: “#armaweddin“…

If they survived the apocalypse, they were going to be married!

Halley & Chuck were calm and fully prepared for the future ahead of them. Whatever lay ahead, these two are in it together now, and they are crazy excited about the prospect of all that will entail…

As several of their friends and family said throughout the day, spending time with Halley and Chuck just makes life better. I completely agree…you both truly make me a happier person just knowing you! I enjoyed every minute of our time together! Congratulations, Halley & Chuck!!!



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Venue: Historic 1625 Place

Photographer: Atlas & Elia Photography

Dress: Allure

Suit: Alfani

Hairstylist: Marjorie Monson

Florist: Metropolitan Market

Officiant: Katy Evans

Cake Maker: Corina Bakery

DJ: Eddie Sumlin aka Mr. Melanin

Sneak Peek of {Halley & Chuck’s} Tacoma engagement session

I love nothing more than working with artists and people who love art! It means they understand that it takes a certain amount of artistic freedom to do what I do. Halley and Chuck were SO fantastic to work with and they made it almost too easy to photograph them! Here’s just a little look at their engagement session at the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory in Tacoma

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