Action trumps fear…

Yesterday, I spent the day with my niece, Mesa, who if you’ve been to the blog before might remember just graduated from high school! We decided to take a trip to Ikea to get dorm-room supplies and to spend time together just being girls…

Since we’re in Portland we had to, of course, stop off at our fave coffee joint, Stumptown, in order to brave the deep waters that is known as: Ikea.

stumptown coffee portland oregon

I knew we were in deep when we spent 30 minutes in the first 20 feet of the store…BEFORE we event got to the couches…yeah…yikes! We talked about what she might need, what she might want, what other people might do, how she doesn’t want to do what everyone else is doing…

And, at some point near the shelving section, I said, “you know, sometimes you just have to make a decision and stick with it…” Pretty much I was talking to myself at that point (partially because she’s a phone-addicted teenager, and partially because I keep telling myself this, over and over this week).

“Just make a decision, then tell others about it, then follow through on it and GET IT DONE (comma Kathryn!)!!” I have been saying out loud to others…and quietly to myself.

Anywho, somewhere in there she heard me…in all of my ramblings about how I want to learn to be a doer, and not just a planner/thinker/intentions-but-not follow-through-er. Something stuck. And we proceeded to make decisions throughout the store…including the best decision of the day…getting a one-dollar soft-serve vanilla cone at the end of our successful shopping trip.

I’ve found myself telling others about taking action…in hopes that they hear me, but more in hopes that I’ll hear myself. Whenever I am fearful, but take action anyway…my heart-rate slows and I can breathe deeply, knowing that I can be a doer, if only it’s one step at a time.

Here’s to Tuesday/DO-day!!

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Special hearts…a very portland engagement | Portland Oregon Wedding Photographers

I’ve known one half of the couple known as “Ginathan” for a long time…like, for his entire life. Jonathan is my nephew and I met him the day he was born. I was 9 years old on that day. He was fascinating to me…I was so happy to have a little baby in our family and simultaneously I couldn’t wait for him to just grow up already so we could just hang out and talk…and go get pizza on Hawthorne and go thrift-store shopping and get coffee…and all the fun things we would eventually get to do as we became adults. Jonathan is not just a nephew to me, he is a brother and a really good friend. He is quite honestly the best listener I know. He loves to laugh and make people laugh and he’s a lot like me…he’s empathetic…putting himself in the other person’s shoes and imagining what it must be like to be the other.

When I met Gina last year there was something familiar about her. We sat next to each other at a mother’s day celebration at our favorite family restaurant, the Mcmenamins Edgefield. She sat, smiling quietly, listening intently, and laughing…a lot. She was so open and genuine. She seemed to care so much about all of us and I couldn’t help but think she just fit right in…

It was Christmas of last year that I knew she was one of us. She put up with our 3 hour gift exchange, she didn’t think we were weird for having a “theme” for the day (this year it was “an Italian Chrismas” (complete with a Chocolate Mousse-alini” Pie), and she didn’t role her eyes leading up to, during, or after the obligatory and ubiquitous “Stevens’ family goodbye” (a 30-45 minute ritual that involves people gathering near the door, talking, hugging, talking some more, making plans, changing plans, hugging, standing outside the door, saying, “goodbye”, hugging, getting in the car, talking, and saying, “goodbye” again and leaving…while waving goodbye.) This is kind of the gatekeeping mechanism that keeps those faint-of-heart significant others out…Gina has no such heart. She puts up with it and even participates with gusto! I have NO doubt Jonathan has found his soulmate. Gina is already like family to me. I look forward to many more days of pizza eating, thrift-store shopping andA  coffee drinking with these two special hearts! Congratulations, Ginathan! I love you!!!

Special thanks to:

Stumptown Coffee Roasters (45th & Division)

The Woodsman Tavern

People’s Coop

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