adventure is out there

I love how adventurous and well-traveled the couples I get to work with are! Erika and Aron are definitely no exception! I just re-read their engagement story and I am in awe of these two and their excitement for living life to its fullest! Erika wrote: “While walking the Portuguese route of El Camino de Santiago, we took a rest day about a week into the trip. We explored a nearby palace/wildlife reserve/cathedral area and hiked to the top of the small mountain it sat on top of. I spotted a nearby terrace look-out just beneath the summit and led the way to explore it. Aron set up the self-timer on the camera, and the next thing I knew, he was on one knee proposing!…I love that we got engaged toward the beginning of our 5 week trip and had the rest of the time to enjoy dreaming of our life together”. I am also struck by their commitment to working in their communities to help make the lives of those around them better–daily. What a beautiful thing it is when people as kind as this find one another! I am SO incredibly happy for you two and SO looking forward to your fall wedding at Brown Family Homestead!!!



destination wedding photography photos

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the good life is now…

They believe in persevering, no matter what. They believe in living for the simple pleasures in life: lots of time with friends and family, good food, relaxing by the beach. They believe the good life is the life they are living, in the moment, right now. Anella and Hunter believe that with the other by their side, whatever challenges they face, together, they will persevere. This is a simple, yet profound way to be, and something they should be extremely proud of. Congratulations you two! Your wedding is going to be something so special…I can’t wait to document it with you!


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cave b engagement photography photos






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A Postcard from Seattle

You know it’s going to be a fun time when Zags get together! Meeting Nicole and Ray was no exception! As fellow Gonzaga alumni, hanging out with them was easy, but more than that, their genuine hearts made getting to know them, and photographing them a really sweet time! It was so fun reliving the day they got engaged when Ray surprised Nicole in Post Alley near Pike Place Market by getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him! Thanks, you two, for spending the day seeing the sights in Seattle and sharing your story with me! I am truly looking forward to your wedding day and seeing all of the people who care for you come together to celebrate your love for each other!









seattle_engagement_photographer__011 seattle_engagement_photographer__012 seattle_engagement_photographer__013 seattle_engagement_photographer__014


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Rebekah & Morgan | {Engaged!}

Sometimes it’s hard to pin-point at first what it is you like about someone when you meet them. It could be her sweet smile; maybe the way he always has something funny or witty to say; or just how good they make you feel when you’re with them. Sometimes it’s perfectly clear: he’s a genuinely good guy, and she’s deeply kind and they wear it on their sleeve.

When I first met Rebekah and Morgan, I couldn’t quite pin-point it, but as I get to know them, it’s becoming pretty clear to me that they are all of these things! I am seriously grateful to be a part of their lives in this small way, to photograph this time for them, and again when they are married this fall in Leavenworth at the gorgeous Pine River Ranch!














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Paris in Seattle | Blair & Bennett | Engaged!

Simply stated: J’adore these two! I adore the way they look knowingly at one another. I adore the way they crinkle their noses when they laugh at each other’s jokes. I adore the way they give a little squeeze of the other’s hand, a sign of knowing, of assurance. And, I adore just hanging out with them!

Blair and Bennett were engaged recently while on a trip together to Paris, so to honor that occasion we discovered a little of Paris in Seattle! We sipped café au lait at Le Pichet, we walked a (blue) tree-lined square, explored in Queen Anne and finally grabbed a bite at Toulouse Petit. Blair and Bennett, I adored every minute spent with you!


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Allison + Jeff {The Engagement}

Her laugh! That smile! It’s infectious, contagious! He tries to contain himself, but he can not. His sly grin turns into honest-to-goodness laughter in her presence. Joy and peace fill their home, their lives. This is the beginning of a very good thing.

Allison and Jeff, not only is your laughter contagious, but so is your love! Keep doing that and well, I’d say, life is going to be pretty good to you…

So much love to you!



Engaged In Seattle | {Katie & Jerry}

The first thing I saw when I walked into their Seattle condo was a photo Jerry had taken during some time he’d spent traveling in Asia. Second, was their dog, Molly. Third, was spread of breakfast goodies on the kitchen table. I thought, “These two are my people…” and simultaneously thought, “How cute are they?!”

Travel is in their blood. Katie studied abroad in Hong Kong and Jerry’s family is from Slovakia. And they are both, in general, explorers of the world. But, since they met, they are quite content exploring the city they live in. And besides, there’s plenty to see in the city of Seattle.

We took a rather wet walk with their new puppy over to the waterfront, where she decided she wasn’t as adventurous as her owners. We then decided to warm up at one of their (and every-other Seattlite’s) favorite bars, Pesos!! (Again, my kind of people!) And from there, we took a trip to the new Chihuly Glass and Garden just under the Space Needle!

Katie and Jerry were up for fun and exploring wherever we went and I couldn’t have had a better time sharing in their world, even for just the afternoon. I am thrilled to continue getting to know these two amazing people! Congratulations, my friends! I can not wait to celebrate with you in Whistler!

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Meghan & Danny | Engaged!

Wet weather be damned…

We met in Leavenworth at the Forest Service ranger station and decided to hop in their car and go.

Off we went, up Highway 2, the rain drip drip dripping and the windshield wipers, wipe, wipe, wiping.

They were happy as can be in the front seat, ready for another of what was just one of many adventures they have taken, and will take-together.

Meghan and Danny seem to me, in the brief time I’ve known them, to be adventurers at heart…always seeking new horizons, new ideas, new ways of looking at things.

They are the exact kind of people I love to be around…because they not only want this for themselves, but they want to share these adventures with the people around them.

Our time together was brief, but I have no doubt this will be just one of many times we go trek together out and about … I look forward to learning more about them, and from them…

How cute is the one where Meghan’s glasses are all fogged up?!Congratulations to you two on your engagement!

Feel free to leave your congratulations for Meghan and Danny below, in the comments!



Carey & Jared | The Wedding! | Seattle WA

Carey and Jared’s wedding could be described as the ultimate organic wedding.

or·gan·ic   (ôr-gnk)

adj. 1. Of, relating to, or derived from living organisms: organic matter….

Yes, this involved sourcing all of their food from local and sustainable companies, and decorating with local flowers, beeswax candles, and natural fibers, but more over, Carey and Jared’s aim was to celebrate the living organisms they choose to have around them, namely: their family and friends.
Yes, this celebration was about the marriage of Carey and Jared, but in that, they celebrated the people who have made them who they are, and they celebrated why they love each other.
As I mentioned in the sneak peek, Carey and Jared’s wedding was a pure and natural outpouring of love, without contrivance, nothing fake, nothing put on. The day was calm and refreshing. Yet not without elements of tradition, but not just for tradition’s sake…tradition to remind everyone that we all come from something…the same something. And we are all here, as living organisms together, to celebrate the wonder and beauty of our planet and of each other.
Thank you, Carey and Jared, for being you. I am so incredibly excited for you and your future together! Congratulations again!

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Venue: Courtyard at Empire Espresso
Wedding Coordinator: Kristin Heywood
Dress designer/maker: Bride designed dress in collaboration with Kim McCormick of Kimmi Designs (Kim and her team made dress)
Shoes: Seychelles
Bridesmaid’s dresses: J. Crew, various
Suit maker: Custom suit made in Bangkok
Jared’s shoes: Allen Edmonds
Groomsmen’s suit designers: various
Caterers: Neil Duncansen and Graham Perry
  Produce source: Viva Farms

  Pork source: Bill the Butcher and prepared by Shane O’Neil (Columbia City neighbor)
  Salmon and halibut: Kenai River Salmon, Cook Inlet halibut, all caught by bride’s family
Bartender: Michelle Cline
Oyster Bar: Taylor Shellfish
Wines: Kiona Vineyards & Winery (Cabernet/Merlot), Charles & Charles (rosé), Sokol Blosser (Evolution)
Pianist: Kitt Bender, (rental/delivery by A-1 Piano Rental)
Hair Stylist: Jaime Bangerter-Freni
rings: Lisa Esztergalyos: bride’s is vintage, groom’s custom designed (both white & yellow gold)
cufflinks: groom’s grandfather’s
earrings: Mikimoto pearls
ties: groom: Ike Behar , groomsmen: various
guest favors: Kuma Coffee
Invitations: Calliespondence
Other printing: Girlie Press

Literally… | Leavenworth Wedding Photography

I’m no grammer nazi, but when it comes to the word, “literally” I do have to chuckle when I hear someone say something like, “I literally moved heaven and earth to be here.” The visuals for that are awesome, right?

When it comes to photography, you can sort of categorize photographs into literal and non-literal images. So, you can photograph a person in a straight-forward manor, like a portrait, or you can render an image in such a way that it creates a feeling, and becomes something more than a descriptor:


  1. An element or term that has the function of describing, identifying, or indexing, in particular.

On a wedding day, it can be difficult to feel like you have time to look for these types of images, and I think sometimes, I turn that creative part of my brain off…literally. It’s frustrating, to say the least because I feel that these images are some of the most beautiful, and telling or even story-telling images of the entire day. But, we get caught up in the idea that a client wants to see the straight-forward, literal depiction of important moments on their wedding day.

For example, I certainly have been guilty of only photographing the bride putting her dress on for the first time using a wide angle lens showing the entire room, instead of a tighter shot focusing in on the details of her hands over her head as the dress covers her head, and nothing more. The latter image would depict the feeling of that moment, rather than the exact moment itself. Two different parts of the brain are at work here and are constantly in conflict.

My goal, on a wedding day, is to turn on –literally– the part of the brain that is creating and feeling, more often than I turn on the part that tells me…”make sure you show what was happening in that moment and nothing more!” I do know that this is easier to do when I have full-freedom from expectation. I’ve said this before, but it bares repeating, I love working with people who get that creative process! It is so inspirational and well, literally gets the monkey off my back 😉

Here are few examples of moments that are more about the feeling of the day, rather than the literal moment that’s happening…

(From Megan & Mark’s San Jose wedding)

(From Colleen and Arius’ Leavenworth, Wa wedding)

(Halley & Chuck’s Tacoma engagement session with their dog Grandma Moses)


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