an epic wedding

A wedding is sometimes a beautiful celebration of two people deeply committed to one another who want to declare their love publicly. A wedding is sometimes a glorious occasion for two families to join together, merging their lives, their traditions, their common love for their bride and groom. A wedding is sometimes an occasion to throw an awesome party. And sometimes, a wedding is an occasion to do all three, in epic fashion. This was one such occasion. MB and Greg managed to do all three at Tierra Retreat Center in Leavenworth this summer and, believe me, it will be one that goes down in the books!!! They brought together friends and family for their destination wedding in the woods to celebrate love in all forms. Love of each other, love of friends, family, food, play, nature.  Epic is often over used, but I assure you, this was the absolute definition! Congratulations MB and Greg! So much love to you as you continue to create your epic future!

leavenworth wedding photography

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leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__054 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__055 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__056 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__057leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__059leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__063


leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__064 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__065 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__066 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__067 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__068


leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__070 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__071 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__072


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DJ: Jed Gossman JMG Entertainment
Flowers: Grown by Mother-Of-The-Bride as well as Pike Place Market
Lawn Games: Trinity Inflatables
River Float: Tube Leavenworth
Liquor: BevMo Ballard
Bartender: Ken Bailey
Website: created by









Rebekah & Morgan | {Engaged!}

Sometimes it’s hard to pin-point at first what it is you like about someone when you meet them. It could be her sweet smile; maybe the way he always has something funny or witty to say; or just how good they make you feel when you’re with them. Sometimes it’s perfectly clear: he’s a genuinely good guy, and she’s deeply kind and they wear it on their sleeve.

When I first met Rebekah and Morgan, I couldn’t quite pin-point it, but as I get to know them, it’s becoming pretty clear to me that they are all of these things! I am seriously grateful to be a part of their lives in this small way, to photograph this time for them, and again when they are married this fall in Leavenworth at the gorgeous Pine River Ranch!














seattle_wedding_photographer__003seattle_wedding_photographer__008 seattle_wedding_photographer__009 seattle_wedding_photographer__010seattle_wedding_photographer__013 seattle_wedding_photographer__014




seattle_wedding_photographer__022 seattle_wedding_photographer__023 seattle_wedding_photographer__024 seattle_wedding_photographer__025 seattle_wedding_photographer__026 seattle_wedding_photographer__027 seattle_wedding_photographer__028 seattle_wedding_photographer__029 seattle_wedding_photographer__030

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Allison & Jeff | The Wedding!!

First, I must get the obvious out of the way: how absolutely beautiful are these two humans?! Allison, you are stunning! And Jeff, you aren’t half-bad yourself!!

OK, now that I have that out of my system, on to more important things: For example, how absolutely beautiful is the love between these two?! Their love radiates from each other, for each other–and for life!

Their love of all things good, and alive is right there on their faces! Am I right?!! James and I were blown away by these two and their family and friends. And, what a gorgeous celebration at the Wenatchee River Lodge!! What a celebration of the life they have made together. Thank you, so very much, Allison and Jeff, for inviting us to be there to document your absolutely beautiful kind of love!

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A really special thanks to all of the wedding vendors who helped make this day amazing!

Venue: Wenatchee River Lodge

Catering: Ravenous Catering

Florals: Keely McCain (friend of the bride)

DJ: Todd Kenaston

Cake: Lana Larson (friend of the bride)

Hair: Rachel Landreth

Makeup: Vanessa Surbey (friend of the bride)

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Bride’s Shoes: Nina

Bride’s Accesories: Earrings: Kate Spade Veil: Nordstrom Wedding Suite Pearls: family

Suiting: Men’s Warehouse

Chelsea & Justin | Married!

The pride he holds for her is unquestionable. The sweetness with which she looks at him is undeniable.  Each of the tiny moments, glances, gestures they shared that day give credence to these facts.

All of their tiny moments together have lead to this day when Chelsea would marry Justin; to this day when they would write their vows for one another and read them aloud in front of their community. Their feelings for one another lead them to this day when their two families would become one.

Chelsea and Justin’s unquestionable, undeniable, unwavering love lead them to this day and I couldn’t have been more excited to document this kind of love and the outpouring of it that was their wedding day at Beecher Hill House! Thanks you two, for allowing me to be a part of this day…


I want to give a special thanks to the team of vendors that contributed to this day:

Venue: Beecher Hill House

Catering: Ravenous Catering

Florals: Patti Bosket of Au Naturel

Cake: Heidi’s Treats

Dress: Bella Sera of Wenatchee

Hair and Makeup: A Cut Above


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Chelsea & Justin | Married! | Sneak Peek

This is but a peek at the love-filled wedding of Chelsea & Justin at Beecher Hill House! I will share many more sweet images of these two This Thursday!

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Meghan & Danny | Married!

He read his vows aloud, smiling his big, sweet smile, as he did so. She beamed brightly as she watched. She looks at him often this way. And, he, likewise. It wasn’t just because of this big, happy, special occasion that they looked at each other in this way. This is what their love looks like…from the inside out. It is radient, big, beaming. This is the kind of love Meghan and Danny share with each other. This is the kind of love, the kind of life, they share with their friends, their family. It’s beautiful. I can’t help but bem as I write these words, thinking back on their day. I couldn’t have been happier to witness this day. Congratulations, Meghan and Danny…I look forward to adventuring with you soon!

Photography: Atlas & Elia Photography

Venue: Tierra Retreat Center

Dress: J Crew

Suiting: Joseph Abboud

Catering: Ravenous Catering

Cake: Flour Power Baking Co.

Musicians: Olive Breshem, Sabory Huddle, Doug Medeiros, Joe Kelly

Jazz Quartet: Jargon

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Meghan & Danny | Married! | First Look

Their thirst for adventure is infectious…watching as these two gathered with family and friends to be married, I could see it in their friends’ eyes. Meghan and Danny bring that out in the people they share their lives with. And, I’ve no doubt, this is just the start of their quest for living life to the fullest and sharing that with others. Here is just a peek at the beginning of this new adventure…

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Alex & Erik | The Wedding!

Sometimes people come into your life at the right time. You don’t know why, or how, but there they are..ready for you to embrace them. For Alex and Erik, they came together through mutual friends, and they embraced it and each other.

As I watched their beautiful day unfold, it was like watching a long embrace…the embrace of lovers, that are also best friends, and life-long partners as they face the world. At the end of the night, I sighed, a big, long sigh of gratefulness for this couple for sharing this day with not only their family and friends, but with James and I…it was a reminder to us all, of the great beauty this world has to offer, if only we embrace it. Thanks, you two…

Photography: Atlas & Elia Photography

Venue: Tierra Retreat Center

Dress: custom made by Becky Stafford, a good friend from LA
Caterer: Sam from Spreading Roots Catering, made with fresh produce from the organic farm on site
Flowers: hand picked the morning before the wedding at Roots Produce & Flower Farm
Wax paper lanterns: made by the bride and her sister, with flowers sent in from family and friends around the country.
Beer: made by the groom and a good friend, Ryan

Shoes: Seychelles

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Alex & Erik | The Wedding | First Look!

I can not say enough about this wedding and, more over, this couple!! Be sure to visit here tomorrow to see it and read all about it!



I promise, you will not want to miss it!

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Lauren & Skuyler | Married!!

“When I last checked, it looks like there was a 20% chance…that’s not bad.” “Wait, I just checked it…it’s now 30%”…Lauren and I sat in a golf cart under a tree at the farthest point away from the club house at the Highlander Golf Course, as a full-on downpour began. Lauren sat, looking absolutely stunning in her dress, her hair and make up perfect. For a brief moment, she looked a bit stunned as well, but then, she looked at me and said, “If this had to happen to anyone, I’m glad it was me. It’s all going to work out.” And, she was right. She saw Skuyler just as the skies cleared. They were married just as a rainbow appeared over the sun-drenched hills. They were surrounded by all the love and support one could ever hope for in an entire lifetime!

James and I came away from this wedding just in awe of these two. Lauren and Skuyler are two people who you know will be making a huge impact in this world. Now that they have found one another, they will do even more together, than apart. There’s just something about their love for one another that teaches others, without them having to say a word. This is something very special. Something that no rain storm will be able to wash away. And, I have no doubt there’s a 100% chance of happiness in their future! Congratulations, you two!!!

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Photographer: Atlas & Elia Photography

Videographer: Gaboon Productions

Venue: Highlander Golf Course

Catering: Highlander Golf Course

Florals: Bloomers Flowers

Hair & Makeup styling: Carlee of Bella Vita Salon

Cake:Cake Chic

Centerpieces: Full Bloom

Music: Charlie Solbrig

DJ: Kenaston Music Productions

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Shoes: Kate Spade

Suiting: Men’s Warehouse

Ties: The TieBar

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Takara by Dillard’s

Bridesmaids’ Shoes: Aldo