an epic wedding

A wedding is sometimes a beautiful celebration of two people deeply committed to one another who want to declare their love publicly. A wedding is sometimes a glorious occasion for two families to join together, merging their lives, their traditions, their common love for their bride and groom. A wedding is sometimes an occasion to throw an awesome party. And sometimes, a wedding is an occasion to do all three, in epic fashion. This was one such occasion. MB and Greg managed to do all three at Tierra Retreat Center in Leavenworth this summer and, believe me, it will be one that goes down in the books!!! They brought together friends and family for their destination wedding in the woods to celebrate love in all forms. Love of each other, love of friends, family, food, play, nature.  Epic is often over used, but I assure you, this was the absolute definition! Congratulations MB and Greg! So much love to you as you continue to create your epic future!

leavenworth wedding photography

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leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__019 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__020 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__021 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__022 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__023leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__025 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__026 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__027 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__028 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__029 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__030 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__031 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__032 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__033leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__037leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__039 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__040 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__041 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__042


leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__043 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__044 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__045 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__046 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__047


leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__048 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__049 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__050 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__051




leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__054 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__055 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__056 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__057leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__059leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__063


leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__064 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__065 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__066 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__067 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__068


leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__070 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__071 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__072


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DJ: Jed Gossman JMG Entertainment
Flowers: Grown by Mother-Of-The-Bride as well as Pike Place Market
Lawn Games: Trinity Inflatables
River Float: Tube Leavenworth
Liquor: BevMo Ballard
Bartender: Ken Bailey
Website: created by









curating a life in love

When you step back to look at your life, what do you see? Where are you placing your efforts, your attention? I read a quote by William James a while back that said, “My experience is what I agree to attend to,” meaning: your life is made up of the things (the people, the places, the media, the hobbies) that you give your attention to, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

I am personally in the process of taking stock of what I put my efforts toward, where I place my attention. It’s opened my eyes so much to what I really value and what I waste my time on (read: the amount of time I spend on social media). But, it’s been truly therapeutic to step back from the day to day and then work to remove the things that don’t serve the kind of life I want to live and to add things that create what ultimately makes up my life.

As I witnessed Karen and Matt’s beautiful wedding celebration at Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth, WA, I felt like I was seeing two very special people who really believe in the power of curating their life; of working diligently to include things (people, experiences) in their life that add value and purposely exclude the kinds of things that detract from that. In this way, they are very much an inspiration to the people in their lives. They are most definitely an inspiration to me. Karen and Matt, thank you for including me in your day. I couldn’t be happier for you!

mountain springs lodge wedding photography

mountain springs lodge wedding photography


leavenworth wa wedding photography















mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__018 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__019mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__021 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__022


mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__024mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__026 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__027





mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__031mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__034mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__039 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__040mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__042 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__043 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__044 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__045 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__046

mountain spri mountain springs lodge leavenworth wa

mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__048 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__049 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__050 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__051






mountain springs lodge wedding mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__060

mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__054 mountain_springs_wedding_photography_photos__055{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

















a beautiful way

I’m just a wee bit excited to share these images with you! Because 1) they are just playful and sweet and indicative of the type of work I love to create and 2) the people in the images are playful and sweet and indicative of the type of people I LOVE to work with! I am so incredibly excited and honored to be photographing Karen and Matt’s Mountain Springs Lodge wedding tomorrow! It is going to be a joyful and beautiful day, I can just feel it! Thanks, you two, for being you. Truly.
















mountain_springs_lodge_wedding_photography{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }









Life in the in between

You can just sense it. Feel it, really. It’s a connection that is bonded, not by big gestures, but by subtlety. By a whisper, a glance, the small things that make up this thing we call life. Rachel and Matt are content and even most happy when life is quiet together. This is the way they love…in the in-between. There is so much beauty in that in-between and I love when I see that on people’s faces as they look at one another. My wish for these two is to take that amazing way of being they have for each other and continue to share that. It’s a gift to see how beautiful life can be in those moments. Thanks, you two, for reminding me of that!











seattle wedding photographer




capitol_hill_engagement_photos__024 capitol_hill_engagement_photos__019 capitol_hill_engagement_photos__020 capitol_hill_engagement_photos__021 capitol_hill_engagement_photos__022





seattle wedding photographer

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All You Need | Christy & Tanner | Engaged!

“Love, love, love.
Love, love, love.
Love, love, love….

Nothing you can make that can’t be made.
No one you can save that can’t be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.
It’s easy.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.”

It’s true! And Christy and Tanner know it! Love! Love! Love! These sweet, sweet people are truly in love and truly believe in the words of this song. (Thanks, Beatles! You’re the best!)

And I LOVE watching them live this philosophy, every day! Oh, and aren’t they cute to boot?! Christy in her Kate Spade and Anthro dresses and Tanner with his 1932 Roadster! Trés chic, you two! Your Wenatchee wedding is going to be epic and I can’t wait to document it next year!!!


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Allison & Jeff | The Wedding!!

First, I must get the obvious out of the way: how absolutely beautiful are these two humans?! Allison, you are stunning! And Jeff, you aren’t half-bad yourself!!

OK, now that I have that out of my system, on to more important things: For example, how absolutely beautiful is the love between these two?! Their love radiates from each other, for each other–and for life!

Their love of all things good, and alive is right there on their faces! Am I right?!! James and I were blown away by these two and their family and friends. And, what a gorgeous celebration at the Wenatchee River Lodge!! What a celebration of the life they have made together. Thank you, so very much, Allison and Jeff, for inviting us to be there to document your absolutely beautiful kind of love!

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A really special thanks to all of the wedding vendors who helped make this day amazing!

Venue: Wenatchee River Lodge

Catering: Ravenous Catering

Florals: Keely McCain (friend of the bride)

DJ: Todd Kenaston

Cake: Lana Larson (friend of the bride)

Hair: Rachel Landreth

Makeup: Vanessa Surbey (friend of the bride)

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Bride’s Shoes: Nina

Bride’s Accesories: Earrings: Kate Spade Veil: Nordstrom Wedding Suite Pearls: family

Suiting: Men’s Warehouse

Allison & Jeff | The Wedding!! | Sneak Peek

This is only the beginning. The very start of something good…really good! Of course, I’m talking about Allison and Jeff’s wedding day! This day marks the first day of the rest of their lives…but more, it marks the first day of the rest of their lives, together! I am REALLY, REALLY excited to share the entire wedding with you Tuesday, but for now…a sneak peek of their gorgeous celebration! And let me tell you, it was a dream to photograph their wedding at the Wenatchee River Lodge! So much love to you two!!!

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Kurtis & Ken | The Wedding!

These two have been together and committed to one another for, what seems like forever now. It was really a matter of time before they would marry. They are partners in every way:  Partners in business, partners in travel, partners in life. And now, Kurtis and Ken have become partners officially, in marriage! It was a beautiful thing to see the many, many friends and family come together to celebrate their love at the Icicle Creek Music Center in Leavenworth, Washington!

There are SO many moments that caught me: before the ceremony, while getting ready, the way they helped each other dress; just before leaving the house, their family helping them don the boutonnieres, with lots of hugs and smiles; the moment Ken’s daughter’s, Stacy and Carrie read during their ceremony; the toasts…which, by the way got me a little teary; and then the infamous dancing by their friend’s 3-year-old son…can you say “breakdancing toddler”?!?

What a beautiful day to celebrate their beautiful love! Congratulations, Kurtis and Ken!

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Kim & Mike | Engaged!

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! And by fire I mean two of the sweetest and, might I add, good looking people you can find! I mean, am I right?!?

Besides their dashing good looks, their honest nature, their genuine earnestness, and ability to take you in as a friend so easily, is what gets me about Kim and Mike! We met up at their place in Greenwater, WA, just a short ways from Crystal Mountain where they spend a fair amount of time during the winter working and playing. It was breathtakingly beautiful up there and a pretty fantastic place to be in the summer too! We even found a new place where their (famous) Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Darwin, got to take a dip and try to chase some big fish!

This is also the place where they were engaged. The story goes: One evening, while barbecuing in the backyard, as they do many nights throughout the warmer season, Mike brought the ring out and casually asked Kim if she’d like to marry him. Kim was down for that and it was on! They will wed this fall!

Cheers to you Kim and Mike!

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Chelsea & Justin | Married! | Sneak Peek

This is but a peek at the love-filled wedding of Chelsea & Justin at Beecher Hill House! I will share many more sweet images of these two This Thursday!

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