the good life is now…

They believe in persevering, no matter what. They believe in living for the simple pleasures in life: lots of time with friends and family, good food, relaxing by the beach. They believe the good life is the life they are living, in the moment, right now. Anella and Hunter believe that with the other by their side, whatever challenges they face, together, they will persevere. This is a simple, yet profound way to be, and something they should be extremely proud of. Congratulations you two! Your wedding is going to be something so special…I can’t wait to document it with you!


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A Postcard from Seattle

You know it’s going to be a fun time when Zags get together! Meeting Nicole and Ray was no exception! As fellow Gonzaga alumni, hanging out with them was easy, but more than that, their genuine hearts made getting to know them, and photographing them a really sweet time! It was so fun reliving the day they got engaged when Ray surprised Nicole in Post Alley near Pike Place Market by getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him! Thanks, you two, for spending the day seeing the sights in Seattle and sharing your story with me! I am truly looking forward to your wedding day and seeing all of the people who care for you come together to celebrate your love for each other!









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All You Need | Christy & Tanner | Engaged!

“Love, love, love.
Love, love, love.
Love, love, love….

Nothing you can make that can’t be made.
No one you can save that can’t be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.
It’s easy.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.”

It’s true! And Christy and Tanner know it! Love! Love! Love! These sweet, sweet people are truly in love and truly believe in the words of this song. (Thanks, Beatles! You’re the best!)

And I LOVE watching them live this philosophy, every day! Oh, and aren’t they cute to boot?! Christy in her Kate Spade and Anthro dresses and Tanner with his 1932 Roadster! Trés chic, you two! Your Wenatchee wedding is going to be epic and I can’t wait to document it next year!!!


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Allison & Jeff | The Wedding!! | Sneak Peek

This is only the beginning. The very start of something good…really good! Of course, I’m talking about Allison and Jeff’s wedding day! This day marks the first day of the rest of their lives…but more, it marks the first day of the rest of their lives, together! I am REALLY, REALLY excited to share the entire wedding with you Tuesday, but for now…a sneak peek of their gorgeous celebration! And let me tell you, it was a dream to photograph their wedding at the Wenatchee River Lodge! So much love to you two!!!

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Jill & Shay | The Wedding!!

A while back I wrote a little blog about these two. I wrote how down-to-earth and chill they are. I wrote how creative and good to each other they are. I wrote about my infatuation with their little dog, Gia! But, what I didn’t write about is their love for each other. Because, you see, I hadn’t fully seen it yet. I hadn’t fully realized that all these things that they are individually, also apply to the way they love each other. Their love is down-to-earth, chill, creative and it is good. It is BIG! As big as Jill’s beautiful, infectious and always-ready laugh! As big as Shay’s genuine, kind and gentle heart. And it was everywhere on their wedding day at the super-unique wedding venue, the Sunshine Mill in The Dalles, Oregon! And when I saw it full-blown like this, I was awe-struck! Jill and Shay, I am in awe of YOU! Thank you for sharing this kind of love with all of your friends and family the way you do! It was a beautiful thing to behold. Congratulations, many times over!

Wedding Photography //  Atlas & Elia Photography

Venue // Sunshine Mill Winery, The Dalles, Oregon

Catering // Sterling Catering Portland, Oregon

Band // Djangovitis Portland, Oregon

Wedding Cake // Back to Eden Bakery Portland, Oregon

Dessert // Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, Oregon

Florals // By Aaron Younger and picked from Krugers Farm Sauvie’s Island

Dress // Allure Bridal

Bride’s Shoes // Camper

Groom’s attire // Shirt: Xibit Pants: Tommy Hilfiger  Tie: Penguin Vest: Bevilocqua

Groom’s Shoes // Vans


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Kim & Mike | Engaged!

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! And by fire I mean two of the sweetest and, might I add, good looking people you can find! I mean, am I right?!?

Besides their dashing good looks, their honest nature, their genuine earnestness, and ability to take you in as a friend so easily, is what gets me about Kim and Mike! We met up at their place in Greenwater, WA, just a short ways from Crystal Mountain where they spend a fair amount of time during the winter working and playing. It was breathtakingly beautiful up there and a pretty fantastic place to be in the summer too! We even found a new place where their (famous) Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Darwin, got to take a dip and try to chase some big fish!

This is also the place where they were engaged. The story goes: One evening, while barbecuing in the backyard, as they do many nights throughout the warmer season, Mike brought the ring out and casually asked Kim if she’d like to marry him. Kim was down for that and it was on! They will wed this fall!

Cheers to you Kim and Mike!

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Meghan & Danny | Married!

He read his vows aloud, smiling his big, sweet smile, as he did so. She beamed brightly as she watched. She looks at him often this way. And, he, likewise. It wasn’t just because of this big, happy, special occasion that they looked at each other in this way. This is what their love looks like…from the inside out. It is radient, big, beaming. This is the kind of love Meghan and Danny share with each other. This is the kind of love, the kind of life, they share with their friends, their family. It’s beautiful. I can’t help but bem as I write these words, thinking back on their day. I couldn’t have been happier to witness this day. Congratulations, Meghan and Danny…I look forward to adventuring with you soon!

Photography: Atlas & Elia Photography

Venue: Tierra Retreat Center

Dress: J Crew

Suiting: Joseph Abboud

Catering: Ravenous Catering

Cake: Flour Power Baking Co.

Musicians: Olive Breshem, Sabory Huddle, Doug Medeiros, Joe Kelly

Jazz Quartet: Jargon

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Alex & Erik | The Wedding | First Look!

I can not say enough about this wedding and, more over, this couple!! Be sure to visit here tomorrow to see it and read all about it!



I promise, you will not want to miss it!

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Alex & Erik | Engaged!!

What do you say, Percy? I am thinking
of sitting out on the sand to watch
the moon rise. Full tonight.
So we go, and the moon rises, so beautiful it

makes me shudder, makes me think about
time and space, makes me take
measure of myself: one iota
pondering heaven. Thus we sit,

I thinking how grateful I am for the moon’s
perfect beauty and also, oh! How rich
it is to love the world. Percy, meanwhile,
leans against me and gazes up into
my face. As though I were
his perfect moon.
-Mary Oliver

The way he gazes upon her face, as though she were his perfect moon… A reflection of light onto him. That’s what their love looks like to me.

Alex and Erik will be married this very weekend at the Tierra Learning Center in Leavenworth, WA! And, I am ridiculously excited about it! First, here are few images from their engagement session…

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Jennifer & Dusty | Married!!!

For months leading up to this day, they prepared the property, they made favors for guests, they painted, and constructed and polished. All this in preparation for their wedding day, but more importantly in preparation for their future. Jennifer and Dusty are making a home and life on Dusty’s family ranch along the shores of Jameson Lake in the middle of Washington state where they were married Saturday. It was extremely apparent, by all of the work they’ve done together how much this new life fits them. Life in the country, with their two dogs, Checkers and Levi, their chickens and horses, and little blue house on the lake are just perfect! Perfect!

Jenn and Dusty, we were so privileged to share in this celebration with you in this most perfect of settings! James and I wish you  nothing but the best in your new life together on the ranch! Congratulations!!!

Oh, and I just couldn’t get enough of all the little ones running around! Aren’t they the sweetest?!

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Special thanks to Two Chefs Catering for the seriously incredible food!


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