an epic wedding

A wedding is sometimes a beautiful celebration of two people deeply committed to one another who want to declare their love publicly. A wedding is sometimes a glorious occasion for two families to join together, merging their lives, their traditions, their common love for their bride and groom. A wedding is sometimes an occasion to throw an awesome party. And sometimes, a wedding is an occasion to do all three, in epic fashion. This was one such occasion. MB and Greg managed to do all three at Tierra Retreat Center in Leavenworth this summer and, believe me, it will be one that goes down in the books!!! They brought together friends and family for their destination wedding in the woods to celebrate love in all forms. Love of each other, love of friends, family, food, play, nature.  Epic is often over used, but I assure you, this was the absolute definition! Congratulations MB and Greg! So much love to you as you continue to create your epic future!

leavenworth wedding photography

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leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__054 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__055 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__056 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__057leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__059leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__063


leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__064 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__065 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__066 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__067 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__068


leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__070 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__071 leavenworth_wedding_photography_tierra_wedding_photos__072


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DJ: Jed Gossman JMG Entertainment
Flowers: Grown by Mother-Of-The-Bride as well as Pike Place Market
Lawn Games: Trinity Inflatables
River Float: Tube Leavenworth
Liquor: BevMo Ballard
Bartender: Ken Bailey
Website: created by









a generous kind of love

This is a very special wedding I want to share today. Not because Onteora Mountain House was beyond stunning, or because the bride was effortlessly beautiful, or because the details were all hand-made by the bride (but, of course, they were), but because of the type of people that were involved in creating this day.

When Bea first wrote to me, I thought to myself, “Have we met before?” … “if not we definitely should!” Her generous spirit and easy-going nature made me feel completely at ease. Beyond that, Bea’s conviction to help others as a human rights lawyer, as well as just a human, was so clear it jumped right off the page for me. Her description of the kind of person Dave, her fiancé, is furthered my belief that I wanted to get to know these two better. This is why I chose them as the winners of my 2014 #projectweddinggiveaway!

We met just the day before their wedding in the Catskill mountains of New York at Onteora, a wedding venue that is so well appointed, I could have just wandered for hours looking at their beautiful collection of art from around the world! I usually like to do an engagement session well before a wedding to get to know the couple and to give them some beautiful photos to document that time in their lives. In this case though, we didn’t have the chance to meet before, since they live on the east coast, and I am all the way over in the pacific northwest. I was right about Bea and Dave’s easy-going nature, I felt like I knew them from way back, and that made it super relaxing and fun! Plus, I love to travel for weddings, and am so inspired by new sites, that I felt right at home.

I am still smiling thinking about how calm Bea was working with her maid of honor and Dave’s mom to create all of the centerpieces and bouquets the day before and how Dave and his guys worked so hard to organize all of the last minute details. The efforts of everyone involved were indicative of that generous and giving spirit that Bea and Dave work to foster in their work and lives. Documenting weddings of people like Bea and Dave are hands-down my favorite. There’s a feeling that I can’t describe that just radiates from a couple like this. Thank you, Bea and Dave, for doing what you do and inviting me to be a part of it!

catskills wedding photographer


onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__002 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__003 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__004 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__005 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__006 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__007 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__008 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__009 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__010 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__011 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__012 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__013 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__014 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__015 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__016

onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__025 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__017 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__018 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__019onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__021 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__022


onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__053 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__028


onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__029 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__030 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__031 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__032 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__033 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__034


onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__035onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__037 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__038 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__039


onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__042 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__043onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__045










onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__054 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__055 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__056onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__059 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__060

onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__067 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__068 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__069 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__070 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__071 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__072


onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__073 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__074



onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__075 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__076 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__077 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__078onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__080 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__081 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__082 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__083 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__084



onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__085onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__087onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__089 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__090 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__091 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__092 onteora_mountain_house_wedding_photography__093





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the good life is now…

They believe in persevering, no matter what. They believe in living for the simple pleasures in life: lots of time with friends and family, good food, relaxing by the beach. They believe the good life is the life they are living, in the moment, right now. Anella and Hunter believe that with the other by their side, whatever challenges they face, together, they will persevere. This is a simple, yet profound way to be, and something they should be extremely proud of. Congratulations you two! Your wedding is going to be something so special…I can’t wait to document it with you!


cave_b_winery_engagement_photos__002 cave_b_winery_engagement_photos__003

cave b engagement photography photos






cave_b_winery_engagement_photos__008 cave_b_winery_engagement_photos__009





cave_b_winery_engagement_photos__013 cave_b_winery_engagement_photos__014







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A Postcard from Seattle

You know it’s going to be a fun time when Zags get together! Meeting Nicole and Ray was no exception! As fellow Gonzaga alumni, hanging out with them was easy, but more than that, their genuine hearts made getting to know them, and photographing them a really sweet time! It was so fun reliving the day they got engaged when Ray surprised Nicole in Post Alley near Pike Place Market by getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him! Thanks, you two, for spending the day seeing the sights in Seattle and sharing your story with me! I am truly looking forward to your wedding day and seeing all of the people who care for you come together to celebrate your love for each other!









seattle_engagement_photographer__011 seattle_engagement_photographer__012 seattle_engagement_photographer__013 seattle_engagement_photographer__014


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All You Need | Christy & Tanner | Engaged!

“Love, love, love.
Love, love, love.
Love, love, love….

Nothing you can make that can’t be made.
No one you can save that can’t be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.
It’s easy.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.”

It’s true! And Christy and Tanner know it! Love! Love! Love! These sweet, sweet people are truly in love and truly believe in the words of this song. (Thanks, Beatles! You’re the best!)

And I LOVE watching them live this philosophy, every day! Oh, and aren’t they cute to boot?! Christy in her Kate Spade and Anthro dresses and Tanner with his 1932 Roadster! Trés chic, you two! Your Wenatchee wedding is going to be epic and I can’t wait to document it next year!!!


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Kim & Mike | Engaged!

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! And by fire I mean two of the sweetest and, might I add, good looking people you can find! I mean, am I right?!?

Besides their dashing good looks, their honest nature, their genuine earnestness, and ability to take you in as a friend so easily, is what gets me about Kim and Mike! We met up at their place in Greenwater, WA, just a short ways from Crystal Mountain where they spend a fair amount of time during the winter working and playing. It was breathtakingly beautiful up there and a pretty fantastic place to be in the summer too! We even found a new place where their (famous) Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Darwin, got to take a dip and try to chase some big fish!

This is also the place where they were engaged. The story goes: One evening, while barbecuing in the backyard, as they do many nights throughout the warmer season, Mike brought the ring out and casually asked Kim if she’d like to marry him. Kim was down for that and it was on! They will wed this fall!

Cheers to you Kim and Mike!

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Meghan & Danny | Married! | First Look

Their thirst for adventure is infectious…watching as these two gathered with family and friends to be married, I could see it in their friends’ eyes. Meghan and Danny bring that out in the people they share their lives with. And, I’ve no doubt, this is just the start of their quest for living life to the fullest and sharing that with others. Here is just a peek at the beginning of this new adventure…

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Alex & Erik | The Wedding!

Sometimes people come into your life at the right time. You don’t know why, or how, but there they are..ready for you to embrace them. For Alex and Erik, they came together through mutual friends, and they embraced it and each other.

As I watched their beautiful day unfold, it was like watching a long embrace…the embrace of lovers, that are also best friends, and life-long partners as they face the world. At the end of the night, I sighed, a big, long sigh of gratefulness for this couple for sharing this day with not only their family and friends, but with James and I…it was a reminder to us all, of the great beauty this world has to offer, if only we embrace it. Thanks, you two…

Photography: Atlas & Elia Photography

Venue: Tierra Retreat Center

Dress: custom made by Becky Stafford, a good friend from LA
Caterer: Sam from Spreading Roots Catering, made with fresh produce from the organic farm on site
Flowers: hand picked the morning before the wedding at Roots Produce & Flower Farm
Wax paper lanterns: made by the bride and her sister, with flowers sent in from family and friends around the country.
Beer: made by the groom and a good friend, Ryan

Shoes: Seychelles

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Alex & Erik | The Wedding | First Look!

I can not say enough about this wedding and, more over, this couple!! Be sure to visit here tomorrow to see it and read all about it!



I promise, you will not want to miss it!

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Karen & Billy | Married!!

Almost since I met my best friend Kim 15 years ago, I had heard about Karen, her sister, and her sister’s fiancé, Billy. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Karen many times over the years and love her sarcastic humor and wit! It was known that Karen and Billy were truly committed to one another for these past many years, but marriage wasn’t necessarily part of the equation. That is, until this spring, when I visited Kim and she announced that Karen and Billy were finally going to be married! I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph them on their wedding day!

I love, love, loved getting to hang out with the family over this Fourth of July holiday getting to know everyone! What a special day for these two really wonderful people! Karen and Billy, I wish you all the happiness in the world! You deserve it!

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