Inspired By This…& That | Pantone Color of the Year 2013

I love color…in another life I think I would have been a color theorist. It fascinates me that colors or a combination of colors can conjure up feelings of happiness or melancholy. I also closely follow Pantone…basically the color bible. So, I anxiously awaited their latest color trend…

They describe this color as:  “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty
that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

I thought to myself, what an amazing color to incorporate into your wedding!

1. Ombre wedding cake

2. Green canoe wedding portrait

3. Emerald green mojito signature cocktail

4. Green suede Gucci heel wedding shoes

5. Emerald green bridesmaid’s dresses

6. Wedding Invitations with emerald green and soft pink

7. Emerald green bow tie for groom’s

8. Emeral green drop earring

9. Green escort cards 



#30 Days of Thanks Part II

Wait, what?! Today is the last day of November? What happened to this month? Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty excited for December, but I’m a bit miffed at how fast time is flying! Half way through this month I blogged about some things I am thankful for as a way of participating in #30daysofthanks and since we’re now at the end of the month, I want to finish my list…
16. For businesses on Etsy! A little weird, right, but I have found more unique and beautiful gifts on Etsy!
17. For warm clothes…especially running clothes…
18. For my health. I take my good health for granted, but I am SO glad for it!
19. For other bloggers out there…reminding me there are others who can teach me about this thing called blogging.
20. For my dogs…Abbey & Parker…seriously, these dogs are my daily companions. I don’t know what I would do without there puppy kisses (I can, however, do without there puppy messes)!
21. For eggnog lattes (Okay, I know coffee was on my last list, but I am doubly-thankful for it!!
22. For Christmas music…for a brief time of the year, this music makes me more joyful and silly than I think is humanly possible.
23. For Mother-In-Laws. Specifically my mother-in-law. She is wise and caring and never selfish. She loves me like a daughter and wants nothing but the best for James and I.
24. For digital photography…for allowing me to play and try things, I might not otherwise would attempt with my work.
25. For the promise of a new year. So excited for 2013!!!
26. For change (in case I need a snickers from the vending machine). HA! And for the other kind of change…because staying the same might be more safe, more comfortable, just fine…but it’s also the easy way out.
27. For winter. Because without the dark and cold, I wouldn’t appreciate the light and warmth as much.
28. For real love.
29. For work…and learning how to work even harder.
30. For a great year, so far! 2012…I will miss you!
I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for right now! Feel free to leave a comment, or if you’re in town, we can get together over coffee, or if you’re not from here, let’s Skype/FaceTime! I’d love to connect somehow with each and every one of you!

Social Media Free | It’s a Choice

Yesterday, I told myself, you know what, “You can do anything you want today…James is off from work, and you should spend time with him, so you can just hang out!” What did I do though? I spent a good two hours in the morning reading blogs, checking Twitter, you know–the usual.

And, what did that mean for my time with James? Well, it meant I wasn’t going to be able to make him breakfast, go for a snowy walk in the neighborhood. It meant less time snuggling, less hot chocolate breaks, less time being present with him. I had lots of work to finish, so I did have to make time for that, but by wasting a good portion of my morning, I made a decision that the “anything I want to do today” was going to be wasting time online, not what is important to me.

I have a choice, each and every day, to make my real life a priority, or to make my online life the priority. To give all of my time to my job, or to give a concerted amount of time to work, in order to live my actual life to its fullest. When I make the choice to wile away my time online with no real purpose, I am actively choosing to disregard the import things in my life.

Today, James isn’t here, he’s back at work. I don’t have the choice to walk out of my office and into the living room to give him a kiss on the cheek, “just because”. That moment is gone. These distractions in my life are a HUGE problem for me. It’s pretty much my only vice, I’d say. So, how do I make sure I am more fully involved in my life, free from those distractions? Well, one thing I’m trying, is to go “social media free” on the weekends (this weekend I was better, but not perfect). Other things I’ve tried (and failed at) are choosing a block of time during each weekday to check social media and to post on it. I’d like to try that again, in hopes that I will realize how much more real life I have time to participate in, without all the distraction of having to post every thought and meal I’ve eaten!!

What are your tips to keep the distractions at bay? Thank you, in advance, for your help on this…I want to tackle this problem head-on and come out on the other side with more time, freedom and choice!



Finding inspiration

Somedays require just a little more something. A little longer hug, a little more coffee. A little more just to get through the day. Yesterday was that kind of day for me. And I was looking for a little more inspiration.

Feeling drained of creativity and energy, and not having enough time to go out and create something of my own, I decided to find inspiration elsewhere. I have my go-to places, but so often I come away from those usual suspects feeling less than. Usually I find myself comparing, rather than gaining anything positive from it. So, my mission was to really just go on a hunt for some beautiful images of pretty things, that would help lift me out of this…whatever it is I’m feeling…

In hopes of lifting you too…here’s my latest inspirations…

(Mouse over the images to see where I found them…and of course, you can follow @atlasandelia on Pinterest to see more…)

I’m loving anything linen these days..included bed linens

Watercolor has become an obsession

Gold flatware & jewelry are totally on my radar

And anything monogrammed is a perennial favorite of mine

All of these things are just that, things, but surrounding myself with beauty, even in little things…maybe even especially in little things… brings me a certain amount of happiness and is truly inspiring to me…



p.s. Don’t you just love that stamped spoon?! You can find it & all sorts of other interesting & inspiring homemade goodies from Sterling & Fish 

p.p.s I’m feeling better already!

p.p.p.s. Where do you look for inspiration?






All you need is…

…a date night! After 5 days away, there was a feeling that something was off. There was a distance…between…us. I spent this past weekend surrounded by several incredible people in Chicago for Colleen & Arius’ wedding. Many of these people are one half of a really incredible couple. As I talked to these couples, I watched the way they interacted with each other and saw how much love, admiration and fondness they have for one another. I found myself talking to these couples about James–a lot. Clearly, I was missing him.

Before I left, James and I had planned a date night, but work ran late and we got too tired to go, so when I left the next morning, it felt like we hadn’t spent any time recently, really just hanging out together.

This is the way it is right now. The Work Monster doesn’t care if we haven’t talked face to face without some sort of internet-connected device in our hands for what seems like forever; the Work Monster doesn’t care if we don’t have the same days free to go to the lake; the Work Monster doesn’t care if we haven’t even sat together at a proper dinner table just enjoying each other’s company for what seems like months!

And, the Work Monster is just fine becoming the excuse for why everything seems “off”. In fact, it’s a matter of us making our relationship a priority, no matter how much work we have to do.

So, last night, we squeezed in some time for a little date…

(iPhone photo while waiting for our drinks)

Un-showered, and dressed in my finest workout clothes, James and I met up at Starbucks for a pre-dinner hot cocoa 🙂 As un-glamorous and basic as it was, that feeling, the distance, the distractions…went away. It was just the two of us sitting together, re-connecting.

Hopefully we will plan a proper date-night soon, but the great thing is, it doesn’t take anything elaborate. All it takes is putting a priority on it…and making sure the Work Monster doesn’t try to third-wheel us!



On talking to myself & the end of wedding season

So, I’m definitely not a grammar nazi, or even a grammarian, but I do like language, and try to get it right as often as possible. Here on the blog, I probably mis-speak, or mis-type I guess, quite often and I don’t even know it, but we’re among friends here, right? So I can be a little more colloquiale, no?

So, yesterday, I just minding my own business and talking to myself, as I am want to do sometimes (that’s right…the life of a small business owner who works out of her house and often doesn’t see people..except her husband..and dogs… for days), and out of my mouth came the formal “wherem“. What, you might ask, is that? Well, of course, when you’re asking a question about a person and the answer is a pronoun, (her, him, them) … the proper way to ask is: “Whom are you referring to?”



whom (the singular and plural objective case of who)

  1. (formal) What person or people; which person or people, as the object of a verb.
    Whom did you ask?

     [quotations ▼]

  2. (formal) What person or people; which person or people, as the object of a preposition.
    To whom are you referring?
    With whom were you talking?

     [quotations ▼]

Him; her; them (used as a relative pronoun to refer to a previously mentioned person or people.)

He’s a person with whom I work.
We have ten employees, half of whom are carpenters.

Right…. right. So, because I was a bit sleep deprived… I of course, asked myself (aloud, mind you), “Wherem did I put my keys??!” Because of course, I’m looking for “them” and it would be totally improper to use the informal, “where” in this case.

Right. So, of course, there is no point to this post, except to teach you (in case you were still wondering) how to use the formal “whom” and to just say that: it’s getting to be the end of wedding season and I am tired!!!

 (From One Horse Shy)




Over the weekend I saw this quote tweeted from Portland-based photographer, Branden Harvey, and it really struck me. It struck me because using these adjectives: “happy” and “bored” are just exactly how I feel when producing/creating vs. consuming. And, it struck me because recently I’ve been attempting to figure out how I work best. I’ve been experimenting with my daily schedule. I’ve been switching things up when it comes to day to day tasks, as well as the more creative endeavors in my business.

This has not been easy. How do you become more efficient? How do you break it all down to really get to the heart of your best self? How do you even find the time to do all of this? I’ve been grappling with all of this as of late.

So, when I saw this quote from William Ralph Inge I stopped and said, “that’s it!” It’s not that this is the answer to all of these questions, per se, but this is where it begins for me: When I am producing and creating, I move forward.

I’ll say it again (more for me, than for you): When I am creating, I am moving forward.

This doesn’t mean that in this creating, I’m always doing everything right, or in the very best way I can. But, simply creating seems to fuel everything else I do. When I even just begin the steps to create (whether that’s creating a photograph, or creating a better system to keep track of my expenses), that inertia, that feeling of being stuck just leaves my body. I am happy! I’ve moved forward and it feels amazing!

More often than not though, I get overwhelmed with everything I’m working on and I begin to turn to others (usually within the wedding photography industry) for inspiration. I see what others are producing and I go into consumption mode, or what I call: #iWant mode. It’s that feeling that everything I’m looking at I want. I want to photograph like that, I want to look like that, I want to be like that person…and on and on. As a consumer, I begin to feel empty inside. I begin to compare compare compare! Even thinking about producing something feels impossible. I mean, how can I? I’ll never be as good as that, I’ll never look like that…etc.

And so, after seeing that tweet from Branden, I’ve been thinking how can I snap out of that mode?..Because let’s be honest, the consumer-mentality isn’t going away any time soon. One way I’ve discovered, is to turn off all social media except at certain portions of the day. This seems to train my brain to be actively thinking, rather than digesting information. And of course, there’s the ABCs …no, not Glengarry Glen Ross style but my own version: ABC: A Always B Be C Creating. Always be creating. When the #iWant part of my brain kicks in, I need to kick it back with the ABCs…

What do you think? This is sort of the beginning of this thought process for me, I wonder if you’ve found success with this type of thinking? Maybe you disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts…



Amidst the chaos… | Leavenworth Wedding Photographer

Amidst the chaos…the unpacked boxes, the dirty laundry, the clean laundry that hasn’t been folded and is now subsequently dirty again, the stack of unwashed dishes…they are content. They find their place and they make it their home, a spot to rest their head. Their only worry, “When will I ever get to go for a walk again?!”

Abbey and Parker, my puppydogs, provide unconditional love despite our lack of attention to them, despite the mess, despite all of our flaws. They are pure joy.

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

This is the first day of the rest of your life. | Stephenie & Tyler | The Wedding! | Cashmere Washington Wedding

The look on his face said everything. He walked slowly toward her, like he knew, after seeing her, everything would be different. She waited, lifting her head to the sky, taking a moment to reflect and breathe, knowing that in a moment, everything would change. Tyler put his hand on Stephenie’s shoulder and they saw each other for the first time. The funny thing was though, seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day was so familiar and comforting to each of them, that even though everything was about to change for these two, their was relief in their eyes. Finally, they were going to be married! Finally, the day had come where they were going to make the commitment to live by one another’s side. And not just live, but grow and nurture and thrive!

Stephenie & Tyler were married this past Saturday in Stephenie’s parent’s beautiful backyard in Cashmere, Washington. Throughout the entire day Stephenie laughed her trademark laugh, most especially when Tyler was near. And Tyler, gave Stephenie that look — that look that says, “You are perfect in my eyes and I can’t imagine my life without you.”


Thank you, Stephenie & Tyler for letting James and I witness and document the first day of the rest of your life!


Locations: Cashmere, private home, Wenatchee River Lodge

Cake: Busy Bea’s

Flowers: Family

Please leave some love for Stephenie & Tyler in the comments below!!

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{Stephenie & Tyler} | The Wedding! | Sneak Peek | Wenatchee River Lodge | Leavenworth Wa

Stephenie and Tyler decided to do a “First Look” before their wedding at the Wenatchee River Lodge where they were staying for their honeymoon. It was so beautiful to witness these two seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. I was so touched by how moved they were in that moment. All of the stress leading up to this melted…as did the ice cubes in our water glasses! It was HOT!

Thank you Stephenie and Tyler for sharing this beautiful part of your day with us!

Please leave some love for Stephenie & Tyler below in the comments!


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p.s. I invite you back here this Wednesday to see more moments from their wedding!