Mandalynn | Bridal Session!

As I mentioned in the sneak peek last week, Mandalynn, is getting married in a few weeks in Texas! Much of her family lives in Washington state, including her grandfather, who will not be able to make it to her wedding, due to his health. So, she decided to go to them! We spent the afternoon at her family property in Camas, WA. It was a gorgeous afternoon at the piece of property that can only be described as spectacular!

Mandalynn knows how lucky she was to have grown up in such a beautiful place, surrounded by her loving family. And you could tell how much it meant to her family that she was able to visit them and put on her beautiful wedding gown, even for just a few hours, to celebrate this time in her life with them.

Thank you, Mandalynn for sharing these moments with me! You and your family are really special and now special to me…

{♥ ♥ ♥}


Mandalynn | Bridal Session! | Sneak Peek

I recently received a sweet email from a bride who will be married in just a few short weeks in Texas. She already had her wedding photographer chosen, but she was looking for someone who would be able to photograph another very important part of her life.

You see, her grandfather’s health isn’t the best now and he won’t be able to attend her wedding. Mandalynn hoped to have some photographs with him and the rest of her family, as well as some bridal portraits, at one of her favorite places on earth: her grandfather’s property in Washington state.

After I visited the home to scout locations, I could see why. It’s hard to describe how beautiful the property is, and much of its beauty is due to the care her grandfather and father took to create what it is today. The long driveway is lined with Vine Maple trees, huge Fir trees divide the property, a three-story barn sits along the northwestern edge of the expanse of land. I can imagine Mandalynn as a little girl spending hours riding and tending to her horses in the pasture and having tea with her grandmother, Bobby, as they watch the clouds clear to reveal the beauty of Mount Hood in the distance. It’s truly a magical place and I feel so, so blessed to have been able to document the place and its people, all with their favorite daughter, Mandalynn, before she heads home to Texas to marry her sweetheart.

Here is just a peek at the breathtaking images we made…

On Monday I will share more of the images from my time with Mandalynn and her family.

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