Synergy in a Styled Shoot


noun, plural syn·er·gies.

1. The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.; synergism.

This is the exact definition of what came to pass this weekend…
Melinda Sandberg of Melinda Rose Design, Michelle DesCombaz (hairstylist), our model, Elizabeth, and Janine from Bloomers all worked together to create a styled product shoot to introduce Melinda’s 2013 collection. This is the first full collection of bridal head pieces Melinda has created…it’s something she’s been working on tirelessly for the past six months and it just seemed right to be a part of it…
We had worked together before and I truly loved what we had produced during that shoot back in June. I am beyond inspired by her designs, her passions and her vision!
I was inspired, awakened, beaming from the combination of people, creativity, design, light and location! Working with professionals who care deeply about their craft is a creative’s dream, And “when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements”  It truly was a harmonious synergy! Here is a preview of the Melinda Rose Design 2013 collection “A Vintage Romance”…
I am proud of Melinda for creating the gorgeous collection, which will be fully released on Valentine’s Day 2013 on her Etsy Shop!

Gina & Jonathan | Married! | Sneak Peek

We returned late last night from Portland where James and I witnessed the most blessed wedding of Gina and Jonathan! The blue skies seemed that much more blue yesterday, the sun shown that much brighter because these two are now one in marriage! Here is just a glimpse into the love and beauty of the day…

I will share much more of G&J’s whimsical & vintage wedding with you here Wednesday!

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p.s. Feel free to leave your love for Gina and Jonathan below…

Mandalynn | Bridal Session! | Sneak Peek

I recently received a sweet email from a bride who will be married in just a few short weeks in Texas. She already had her wedding photographer chosen, but she was looking for someone who would be able to photograph another very important part of her life.

You see, her grandfather’s health isn’t the best now and he won’t be able to attend her wedding. Mandalynn hoped to have some photographs with him and the rest of her family, as well as some bridal portraits, at one of her favorite places on earth: her grandfather’s property in Washington state.

After I visited the home to scout locations, I could see why. It’s hard to describe how beautiful the property is, and much of its beauty is due to the care her grandfather and father took to create what it is today. The long driveway is lined with Vine Maple trees, huge Fir trees divide the property, a three-story barn sits along the northwestern edge of the expanse of land. I can imagine Mandalynn as a little girl spending hours riding and tending to her horses in the pasture and having tea with her grandmother, Bobby, as they watch the clouds clear to reveal the beauty of Mount Hood in the distance. It’s truly a magical place and I feel so, so blessed to have been able to document the place and its people, all with their favorite daughter, Mandalynn, before she heads home to Texas to marry her sweetheart.

Here is just a peek at the breathtaking images we made…

On Monday I will share more of the images from my time with Mandalynn and her family.

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Bridal Veil Styled Shoot | Melinda Rose Design | Leavenworth WA wedding photography

Every once in a while you meet someone that you just click with. You don’t really know what it is, but you just can feel that they are “my people”. It wasn’t more than 3 weeks ago that I met just a person. Well, met online anyway. We didn’t officially meet until this past Friday when we got together for a styled shoot.

I had heard about this person, Melinda, from Claire who works in the same building as my office at Snapdragon Coffee. She told me that Melinda was this “amazing designer” and that I should meet her. I thought, “sure, right…amazing…” because that’s the way we talk about our friends…we talk them up, because to us, they are amazing. So, I went to go see for myself. I went to Melinda’s Etsy site: Melinda Rose Design and saw that Claire was correct…this girl has talent! So, I was immediately intrigued and wanted to let her know that I liked what she was doing and wanted to put together a styled shoot with her…down the road. We began to chat online and she told me how she was beginning to heavily focus on creating bridal veils and bridal head pieces as well as sashes made to compliment wedding and bridesmaids dresses. That was seriously exciting to me, since I love all things wedding and very much love to see what creations people come up with in regards to details for weddings. Then, we quickly realized that our design, wedding, fashion, and photography vision was practically one and the same! She sent me links to her inspiration and they were some of the same exact links I would have sent to her! Same collaborators, same ideas…same. exact. vision!

After a few back and forths, she wondered aloud if maybe I wanted to photograph the bridal collection she had recently completed, rather than wait for a full-on styled shoot.  I jumped at the chance! In a matter of days we were able to landMichelle DesCombaz of Indigo Salon and Spa to style the models’ hair, we found a location and the models appeared practically out of thin air!

Except for a few mishaps with the sprinklers (Claire I hope your phone is working now…) everything was simply perfect! Thank you Melinda for inspiring me! You are not only immensely talented but you have an amazing heart! You are definitely my people!




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