WEdding Planning | Bridal Shows | & Your Big Day!

I told myself way back when that I would never do a bridal show. It just isn’t “me” I said…hocking your wares to a mass of people, trying desperately to get them to just talk to you in a less-than-ideal venue with lots of black drapery hanging…no thanks.

When Bella Sera approached me with their idea of an exclusive, invite-only bridal show, I thought, “never say never”! This past weekend, I was in the Platinum Bridal Show at Wenatchee’s Performing Arts Center hosted by Bella Sera!

I was really excited at the prospect of being able to decorate our space in whatever we chose! And, I was SO lucky to partner Etcetera and Bloomers, the very best home decor shops in town, who allowed me to borrow items to decorate!!! And let me just say, I would have been at a complete loss had they not so generously donated their materials, their time and their talent! Janine, from Bloomers just wants to make weddings in Wenatchee as pretty as possible, and she helps in whatever way she can! She has created several amazing bouquets for my brides this past year and has spent more than her share of time contributing ideas and, as I said, materials (home decor and other) to a variety of vendors in the area! And, Amy, from Etcetera, has an eye for design like no other!! She can whip up a display in no time flat…and it’s always stunning! A HUGE thank you to them! I can not recommend both of them enough to anyone planning a wedding…or decorating their house!

The thing I knew would be the best part about the show was talking to all of the couples about their wedding plans! This is something I love talking about with all of my couples. I want to help them in whatever way I come up with ideas, or to find the right vendor…I am seriously in love with this aspect of my work and it just makes me smile to think about all the little details that make up each couple’s unique wedding day! The energy from talking throughout the day to so many planning their wedding was electric…and exhausting! But, I loved every second of it!

My only wish for the show was that I got to spend time with the other vendors! There were really fantastic vendors represented, including: Busy Bea’s, Harry Richie’s Jewelers, Martin Scott Winery, Nicole Conner Photography, Lynette Smith Photography, Stephanie Fry Photography, Pine River Ranch, Todd R. Kenaston Music Productions, Full Bloom Flowers and Plants, and Two Chefs Catering!

Cheers to a successful day!!!




Collaboration & Sharing! | Why I love styled shoots…

The collaborative process that is a styled shoot is something I crave. The excitement when ideas are flowing, the rush to get everything finished, the great energy that wonderful people bring to the table just fuels me! This among a few other key ingredients is why I love styled shoots!

Here are the top 3 reasons I do styled shoots:

1) It’s a chance to collaborate! I love working with people! And working with professionals who are just as passionate as I am about creating wedding-related pretties just puts it over the top for me! From the very first phone call discussing the ideas in my head and hearing their wisdom and contributions, to the last push the day of to get all your ducks in a row, to actually photographing all of the gorgeous details brought together by everyone, collaboration is the top priority for me.

2) Sharing is caring. Second only to collaboration on a styled shoot is sharing. One thing I tell the vendors involved in the shoot is that the images I create are just as much theirs as they are mine. Because they put in so much time and talent into the work (for free!) I make sure the vendors receive all of the images I take free from watermark, so they can use the images however they’d like for marketing purposes. Some argue that the images should have your logo on it, but I’ve taken what I believe to be good advice, from Justin and Mary Marantz, and believe that if vendors are elated with the work we’ve done together, they will happily share my name with people and potential clients. And if you’re not convinced, see point #1 again.

3) To spread the word. Whether the images are used solely for vendor’s marketing purposes, or if they go on to be published on blogs or in magazines, the end goal, for me, is to get the word out about all of our businesses. And going back to reason #2, I believe that sharing the work that I do with others, will get people excited about my business and will talk about it. And, in my opinion, a word-of-mouth referral is by far the best you can get! Of course, having your work published is a wonderful way to spread the word farther and possibly faster, so it’s a goal that stays top of mind throughout the entire process!

Yesterday, I photographed a styled shoot, which I will share with you after it’s published. But, because I just can’t help myself, here’s a little look at our gorgeous bride…

Isn’t the bouquet simply stunning (Patti, your work amazes me every. single. time!)

A very special thank you to my collaborators (and now friends) who made this amazing shoot happen!

Beecher Hill House
Libby Harrison of Sweet Bliss Events
Patti Bosket of Au Naturel
All Seasons Events
Michelle Bainard DesCombaz (hairstylist)
Autumn Miller (makeup)
Bella Sera
Mills Brothers
The NCW Dahlia Society
Anjou Bakery
Mission Street Bistro
Models: Kristen, Erica, Luke and Avery!

p.s. In the coming weeks I will tell you how to put together your own styled shoot (including the number 1 tip that is so simple, you won’t believe it)!